How to maintain and care for your beautiful nails?

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So, you just reached home after visiting your nails salon in Epsom Auckland, it must feel awesome, right? Getting the perfect shade along with the design on the nails is just awesome. The kind of look you get is what is making nail art is increasingly becoming trendier. Getting a cool nail art is quite satisfying and getting it ruined in short time will feel really bad. You invested your time and money in this nail art and we are sure you do not want to end up in messy nails right after getting it. When you look after your nails very well, your nail art can last for pretty long time.

We are going to discuss some tips to look after your nails especially when you have added a cool nail art to your nails. Meanwhile you can just check out our nail salon service in Epsom.

1. Use the best coat for nail protection

Start with using the best coat for your nail. This step not only protect the nail from getting stained by nail polish, but it also helps the color look more saturated in just one coat. If you want your nail polish to look shiny, you can apply base coat on every layer of nail polish.

2. Keep your hands clean

When you get the right coats for your nails, you should have your hands clean always. In this pandemic struck world, washing hands have become all the more important. You need to ensure that you keep your skin dirt free. Then remove your old nail polish by acetone free remover.


3. Never use your nails as a tool

Many people use nails as their tools to open and close things. You must not use your nails to scrape, screw or open things because this habit can damage your nails and weaken them. Use proper tools and this will help you keep your nails healthy.

4. Keep your nails moisturized

You must always keep your nails moisturized. There are special nail moisturizers available in the market and you must get one for yourself. You can talk to your nail salon expert to know more about your nail care.

5. Use Acetone free remover

Always make use of the acetone free remover to keep your nails in good shape. The nail removers with acetone will harm your skin and remove the hydration from the top layer of the skin.

You can check out our prominent nail salon service Epsom to know the kind of nail packages you offer. Talk to us to know more about it.

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