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Do I Need To Filter My Tap Water?

However, with times and raising awareness regarding water pollution, we have made it mandatory to buy Water Purifier Online to get safe and drinkable water at home.

Earlier times, we used to drink water directly from the tap. A few homes could afford the fancy old-style water filters. For the kids, we used to use boiled water to ensure safety. However, with times and raising awareness regarding water pollution, we have made it mandatory to buy Water Purifier Online to get safe and drinkable water at home. Many people still have confusion to know whether it is important to have the water purifier as the tap water we receive at our home already filtered and treated by the municipalities.

So, the main question remains whether we can drink the tap water directly or it needs filtration. To find out the answer, we need to take a look at the following discussion here:

What is the source of tap water?

The sources of tap water vary depending on the location. In a country like India, where the geographical territory is quite vast, you just cannot generalize certain things. Sources like spring water, river and groundwater are considered as the main supply for the municipalities. Unfortunately, humans have already managed to pollute almost all the resources of freshwater by now. Moreover, in India when some places see the shortage of groundwater, many others are flooded at the same time.

What is the process to treat the water to supply through the tap?

Just like the diversity of the country, the purification system is also not the same in various places. Where cities like Mumbai and Delhi have state of the art purification system that can compete with the international standard, small towns and villages do not have a standard purification system to remove the contamination.

What are the problems that have decreased the standard of water?

There are so many reasons for which we are not able to get safe water from the tap and for that, we are looking to buy Water Purifier Online to ensure the health of our family.

  • As the level of groundwater is lowering day by day, the pump has to divulge deep to acquire water. As a result, the pumps are getting several toxins from the land. From harmful minerals to pathogens, many things are increasing the TDS level of the tap water.
  • The increasing number of industries is also an important reason for water pollution. Industrial wastes like lead, mercury, asbestos, petrochemicals directly mix with river water to make it contaminated.
  • All the households’ wastage and sewage water directly discharge into the river and lakes. The harmful toxins and chemicals make the water poisonous.      
  • Another added problem is that the infrastructure of the pipe through which the water supplies is not the same standard as well.
  • The pesticides of the cultivation and agriculture farms go directly to the river water to make it chemically polluted.

What is the standard of tap water in India?

The Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) has recently conducted a survey on tap water of Indian cities and according to the report that most of the Indian capital cities are failed to maintain the parameter of drinking water. Collected tap water from cities like Kolkata, Jaipur, Delhi, Bangaluru, and Lucknow is not even near the safety mark.  

So, from this discussion, it is quite obvious that the tap water is not safe for drinking as it is high in contamination.

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