Lawyer Dispute

Finding the best lawyer to resolve Civil Dispute in Perth

Are you facing a civil dispute and need proper assistance? It isn’t easy to fight a civil case but if one chooses the right Civil Lawyer, the job becomes much simpler and smoother.

We, Civil Lawyers Perth WA are a service which is provided by Tang Law which is a team consisting of a highly professional, skilled and dedicated team of lawyers. We understand that it is a very unfortunate and stressful situation if one gets stuck in a legal suit. That is the reason why we are here to provide you with the best legal services at the most reasonable prices. Our work is almost just and fair and we give our clients the utmost priority. Dispute resolution lawyers Perth will deal with any problem in an efficient way.

We guarantee to do our best to provide excellent services. Dispute resolution lawyers Perth are ready to get your dispute resolved. We are determined towards enhancing our client’s experience as we provide ongoing personal guidance and support during the duration of the dispute. We ensure that an extremely positive experience will be delivered by us throughout the process without any conflict of interest coming in between and acting as a hindrance. Premium quality services will be provided to all our clients by well experienced Civil Lawyers at a very reasonable and affordable fee at civil lawyers Perth. We have a team of very well equipped and skilled lawyers who are committed to the domain of civil law. We believe in simplifying complicated cases so that our clients are saved from unnecessary hassles and problems.

  • We will deal with your matter in a very professional and caring manner
  • You will not find a civil law firm
  • You will feel as if a family member is handling your case
  • We will help you both emotionally and mentally with the entire case
  • We give straight forward advice, comfort, support and correct knowledge of the law

For a free initial consultation call out civil lawyers today our team waits eagerly to help you all so don’t hesitate in giving a call to us. 


Lawyer Dispute

  • Guidance, consultancy and legal help in cases of Administrative Law
  • Building Disputes of civil nature
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Recovery of Debts
  • Protection in cases dealing with defamation
  • Dispute resolution
  • Elder Law
  • Help in matters of Financial Negligence
  • Expertise advice on Intellectual Property Law
  • Help in breach of contract
  • Reviewing Contracts
  • We also provide a free initial consultation
  • We deal matters related to the resolution of neighbor dissolution
  • We also provide a settlement service
  • We will also provide you with elder law lawyers, employment lawyers, internet law lawyers, loan agreement lawyers, medical negligence lawyers, personal injury lawyers, strata lawyers.

If you are stressed because you are stuck in a legal matter then don’t be. Leave all your work to us. We are here to work for you. You will get an experience like never before with us and you will return fully satisfied. 


Civil Law is a very complex area of legal education. It includes several issues which only an experienced and mastered individual can solve. We are well known for having an excellent team of highly knowledgeable, experienced, skilled and dedicated legal professionals. Common civil dispute areas, which our civil lawyers Perth usually deal with, are as follows:

  • Corporate Disputes
  • Disputes related to breach of contract
  • Disputes in the matter of building or real estate
  • Commercial litigation
  • Drafting of contracts
  • Reviewing of contracts
  • Recovery of debt

We understand the stress and tension a civil dispute might have caused you that is why we have made this sincere effort of helping you out such tough and difficult situations where you have no one to go to or no one to trust. We have adopted personalized strategies to help our customers in order to make them feel comfortable and also to effectively work towards their specific requirements and needs. We guarantee that our team will be extremely focused and dedicated towards you and your case.  If you are stuck in a legal matter dealing with civil law and looking down trusted legal assistance kindly contact us today.


  • We will provide you the best services for the most reasonable and affordable prices
  • Our Civil Lawyers are competent enough to resolve your matters in the best possible manner
  • We give reasonable and genuine counseling to our customer in matters concerning business transactions, defending lawsuits, or legal rights and other commitments
  • Our central focus is to provide customized services to each one of our customers with a profound understanding of their specific issue, as each case is different
  • Civil attorneys can investigate the likely results of cases, utilizing broad court experience

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