Raj Tent

Raj Tent

Raj Tent is one of the most renowned Tent Manufacturer in India with services all over the globe. With an attractive and various range of designer tent, we offer the best services at affordable cost. Our product is best known for their quality and the charisma it brings to an event. With our clientele base all across the globe, we are completely focused toward the quality of the product so that our client gets satisfied with the services and products which makes us a leading brand in tent manufacturing and business. We value our client and understand their need and follow the latest Trend to compete with the market of tent industry. With varieties of tents to offer we bring the latest collection of Luxury Tent.

Garden Tent



Garden Tent is one of the fantastic structure which gives a delight to the viewer. With a diverse range of colors and patterns, it brings the positive vibe to the environment. The luxury tent is suited for all kind of events and gatherings. From wedding to dinner party, luxury tent finds its place. Raj Tent is one of the best manufacturers of Garden tent with the quality of material used during manufacturing makes it unique and durable in every way possible. It has the capability to sustain harsh climates. Being one of the scenic tents in our catalog it gives ground space much enough to host a dinner party. Here we reveal some of the best Garden tents from our catalog with an introduction of Traditional Garden Tent.

Traditionally equipped with all the beauties to hold on, Traditional Garden Tent is one of the delicacies of Raj Tent manufacturing unit. The whole structure is made such that the conical canopy held by 8 stands giving it a splendid look. Different color canvas is used for the covering making it a divine structure. Plain white colored canvas is used to cover the canopy and Red colored canvas are covering the stands, with orange colored laces used all around the sideline of the canopy with some hanging props enhancing its beauty. Spots of gold over the red in addition to golden props makes it look authentic.

These tents are rightfully featured in big occasions such as the wedding or those events which sees large gatherings. With the big distance between the poles covered by the beautiful curtain like covering gives a very decent look. This marquee gives the best shelter for a large gathering. Being held by eight stands the ground space is large enough for a good amount of invitees. Raj Tent brings you this brilliant traditional looking structure in 3 sizes which are a 4m diameter, 5m diameter, 6m diameter. The canvas is of best quality which makes it durable with sustaining capability during bad weather.


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