Pack Tent Backpack travel

How to Pack a Tent in a Backpack?

How can an outdoor experience of camping be a triumph?

The answer is by figure out the best way How to Pack a Tent in a Backpack.

Outdoor activities like hiking and camping attract everyone. Still, these activities demand a great deal of energy and walking, so without any doubt, everyone want their journey to be comfortable and enjoyable. 

Tent need and demand

Several items needed to be carried for your outdoor activity. There is no doubt that a tent on a backpack is one of the best essentials to carry for an outdoor. After enjoying the splendid and fascinating scenes in the lap of Mother Nature, a tent is generally required where campers mean to sleep and take rest to restore their energies for further adventures in their journey.

Pack Tent Backpack travel

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The tent is one of the heaviest item to carry for your camping journey. One should keep in mind the size and type of backpack before planning a trip. There is an option of two types of backpack internal frame backpack and external backpack.

Internal frame backpack

Pack Tent Backpack travel
  • An internal frame backpack has more interior space as compared to its external frame backpack.
  • Keep in mind the size of the tent while selecting a backpack
  • Lay tent in a long flat shape on the ground.
  • Roll the tent
  • Put the tent inside the tent bag.
  • Put the heavier items at the bottom of the backpack and lighter items at the top
  • Pack the tent in the middle of the backpack

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External frame backpack

  • The external frame backpack is smaller as compared to the internal frame.
  • Understand the risk of packing your tent outside the backpack
  • Get damaged from the branches
  • May fall of the backpack
  • Ensure the protection of a tent in case of rain
  • Use closed-loop ties on your bag for outside packing
  • Attached your tent to the bottom of the backpack

How to keep your tent on a backpack long lasting?

The most important aspects to keep your tent long lasting is how much clean is your tent? For this, always clean your tent after returning from any trip. You can use this detailed guideline from a verified brand Eureka on Tent Cleaning to clean your tent.

You can watch this video on how to clean your tent for better understanding.

Avoid using scented soaps because it will attract insects. Machine cleaning is not fruitful for cleaning a backpack because it will damage your bag. Air-dried the tent after cleaning is the most important part of cleaning, dry the tent completely before packing it in a backpack. 

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