Grass pavers

Opening the doors to environmentally-friendly pavements, a grass paver system uses concrete or asphalt to mold beautiful driveways,fire lanes or parking lands.Considered both visually appealing and easy-to-use, it’s no wonder the grass pavers system comes highly recommended by so many dealing.First,a plastic grid system lays on top of the soil or prepared substrate. It is then filled with soil,grass seed or sod to create a strong surface for parking or driving, while also protecting the root system of the grass and allowing it to grow naturally. The resulting area looks like a normal grass,and can be maintained with standard lawn tools.A grass paver system has many benefits over standard parking areas to make your driveway,parking lot or other pavement into a blended work of art with your grass.A grass paver system uses interlocking grids that distribute the weight of vehicles and other loads evenly over the underlying surface.This gives the pavers an incredibly high compression strength, up to 8000 PSI,when fill up.Even when they are empty, they have up to a 6800 PSI compression toughness.This allows them to be driven on by vehicles,including large trucks,without damaging the grass or deforming the soils.Asphalt or concrete surfaces require expensive specialty equipment and plenty of labor for the installation procedure.The grass paver system is much easier to install, and requires much less labor and tools.For a permanent installation,the land is cleared of vegetation, graded to create a level and flat area.Then rock, gravel or limestone are brought in to create a rigid,permeable subsurface layer.The grass paver system is then installed over the top of the layer.

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