Great Facts to Know About IPhone

IPhone is an invention which made Steve Jobs proud along with its countless satisfied users.

A day before his death he released the iPhone 4S and captured the hearts of thousands of smart phone crazy users. From day one, the iPhone was an incredible hit and the sales crossed a huge number of 4 million during the first weekend itself. If you are one of those crazy iPhone lovers then here are some interesting facts about it which you should be aware of even if you are a proud owner of an iPhone or going to be one. 

Make Siri your friend on the iPhone as whatever you wish becomes its command. It helps you to make use of your voice in order to send messages, make phone calls, schedule your meetings and much more. You can talk to Siri as it understands all you mean and has the capacity to talk back. It enables you to converse with the iPhone. You can ask it to remind you about things you will tend to forget, it can clear your queries related to the climate, search of some good restaurant etc by answering you correctly. It can tell on its own how it can be of help to you. Another amazing thing to do with your voice is to give dictations to the iPhone. Just by tapping the microphone, icon and then speaking can help you write massages, take down notes, and web search etc. 

The new iPhone comes with a dual- core A5 chip which offers high power and almost 7 times fast graphics. This makes web browsing, launching of applications and gaming simple and extended battery life. The camera in the iPhone satisfies your need for a portable camera. It has an iSight 8- megapixel camera, best backside illumination sensor, superior color accuracy, superb auto white balance, face detection etc. The photos just look like the original picture. 

The best part of the iPhone is the iOS which comes with almost two hundred new features like notification center, messages with iMessage, reminders, twitter integration, camera enhancements etc. it has the most user- friendly interface with just amazing features. The iPhone has the best Multi- Touch and an exceptional battery life. The greatest fact about the iPhone is that it is a complete business phone because of its powerful security and ready features. You can use the iPhone happily no matter in which part of the world do you stay. The interface offers around thirty languages in which it can be used and has a built- in dictionary which easily supports fifty languages. The voice control feature can understand up to twenty languages and the voiceover can screen in about thirty- six languages. Another interesting fact is that you can get a print out of your most desired photos, emails and documents with just a few taps. This does not require any cables; softwares or drives to install the prints. With a Wi-Fi connection around you can get the printed copy.

The facts to be known are amazing and the list is endless. 

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