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The lamination of the hair is an ideal solution to damaged hair.  It even solves the brittle, rugged hair and split ends the problem.  Lamination creates a protective film that covers and smoothes every hair, all the roughness in its own structure.  This coat gives your hair a vivid, safe look and provides extra quantity.

 As a result of Dubai’s personal beauty stylist, LaLoge, hair lamination is the latest haircare trend in the market – and has multiple salons in UAE. Hair lamination is a radical cosmetic remedy that operates on the outside of your own hair. Hair salon experts coat the hair with a thin laminate paste which can consist mainly of active ingredients such as gelatin, oils or keratin to make the hair more smooth to the touch and also more sparkling..  Achieving the ideal glow has never been simpler.  The revitalizing new treatment is heat-activated and applied at the backwash allowing a protective coating over each hair strand to shut down cuticular scales and revive the proteins that play a major role in the hair-repair process.


Benefits of Hair Lamination

The brand new soothing treatment” leaves the hair profoundly shiny, fluid and lightweight.”.  Lage -Best luxury beauty Lounge and salon in Dubai, explained that hair lamination is like cosmetics to your hair’; which is the perfect time-saver treatment that dramatically improves the quality of the hair fiber, leaving it immediately glossy and silky hair.  It’s the ideal cure for dull, dry hair and it takes just eight seconds within a fraction of this time, hair lamination may be the way to attain glistening, shiny hair. The most important purpose of hair lamination will be to protect the hair from moisture loss caused by radiation, pollutants, and overwash. These environmental variables can harm our own hair and it is vital that the hair is cleaned and hydrated to reduce these damage and ensure safe, shiny locks. Best beauty salon in Dubai suggests you take a cure for dull, damaged, frizzy hair, hair lamination locks water into your hair, leaving it hydrated up to 8 times more and shinier 5 times over. The hair should be smoother, with a velvety softness, and less tangling.

How Often Can You Laminate Your Hair?  

After all of the goodness of hair lamination, the substantial issue is how often can you get your hair straightener. If we are seeing salons for this treatment, then I would not suggest more than a month due to it being pricey as well using a variety of substances from the procedure. However, if you are laminating your house at home by using simple ingredients then I would recommend after it twice or thrice per month.

If you are planning to take the best hair care treatments for you, then feel free to come to us. We are the best hair salon in Dubai.


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