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The Causes of Hair Falling Out

The causes of hair falling out are varied. These are different for males and females, for adults and children and might also be different for you and your neighbor. A lot of hair loss is caused due to overactivity wrong diagnosis of the causes of hair falling out. Here are some of the most common causes of hair loss:

Hormonal imbalances also cause hair fall. You might know that the thyroid gland is responsible for hair fall overactivity or the under activity of the thyroid gland causes hair to fall out fast. This can be treated by treating the thyroid gland.

Hair falls out in women after pregnancy. This is known as postpartum hair falling out. This is a common situation for pregnant women of all ages. Postpartum hair loss normally goes away on its own. You should not pay undue attention to it unless it gets chronic. Chronic postpartum hair loss is when the hair loss continues unabated for long after the delivery of the child. You should then seek medical help.

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Scalp diseases and dandruff can also cause hair to fall out. Scalp diseases normally occur in children. These fungal infections cause a lot of hair fall in young children. This can be easily cured by treating the scalp. Dandruff id harder to get rid of, but with adequate care and the correct scalp cleaning shampoos, you will get rid of dandruff in no time.

One of the biggest causes of hair fall is the use of the wrong shampoos. Using wrong shampoos and changing them often will only cause repairable damage to your hair. Stick to one shampoo brand. Shampoos are not miracles, they need time to work. Frequently changing the shampoo only causes accelerated hair loss.


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