HONOR MAGIC WATCH 2: Men’s Prior Choice

Honor Magic watch 2 is made of stainless steel (a commonly used material). It has an appealing design, is well built, and also offers impressive battery life. Honor Is slowly expanding its name by offering different smart devices like smartphones, smartwatches, earbuds, etc. honor recently launched its two smartwatches. Honor magic 2 watch comes in two different sizes.

Some noticeable features are that you can receive and make calls, Music playback controls, 14 days of battery life, etc. In its other features include waterproof, fitness tracking, 14 days of battery life, flat dual design, etc. it offers 15 Workout modes. It is waterproof up to 50 meters.

Amoled Display

Honor Magic watch has 1.39 inches AMOLED Display 446MM version and 1.2 inches 42MM version. It has a 454×454 Pixels resolution. Another feature is that its use is set its photo as watch wallpaper.

A Beak Through Battery Performance  

Honor Magic watch 2 provides 14 days of battery life. Its display is sufficiently bright. It is fueled with a non removable LiPo 455 MAH battery. No matter as you go for 42MM or 46 seven both delivers better battery life.


Honor magic watch 2 Comes in four different unique colors. Charcoal Black, Flat Brown, Agate Black, and sakura Gold.

Health Features  

Honor Magic 2 Watch Has many health features like stress monitoring and exercise tracking. It tracks your activities 24/7. It monitors your heart rate, you can also set a reminder alarm, count you’re running sessions. Whether you are running or swimming the screen shows you your real-time work.


Honor magic watch 2 Has removable straps. It has two size variants, 42MM and 46MM. 46MM version has quite a bigger screen With a higher resolution and 42MM is a money-saving. Overall it is a pretty sleek device. The back of the watch consists of charging pins and a heart rate sensor (mode of hard plastic) that is pretty comfortable.


Smartwatches Are the latest gadgets used by means to make their lives more convenient will stop because these smartwatches offer many amazing features to them. Smartwatches make a revolutionary change in our lives. Now the question arises is what are the features that must be kept in the smartwatches by the manufacturers for the men’s. Following are some; 

Works As Mini Smartphone  

A Smartwatch for men works like a mini smartphone which is the best feature note. This smartwatch has all the basic apps and features which is on the phone. You can listen to calls without taking out your phones from your pockets which is probably the best feature, especially for men. 

Travelling Navigator  

A Smartwatch for men works as a traveling navigator because it has the option of GPS and Maps. This option is beneficial for men because Men’s are mostly outside for their work, and they need a GPS navigator to find their different workplaces.

Helps In Finding Lost Items

Mostly men Lost Or forgot their things like keys, phones, headphones. Keeping because of this situation makers introduces an app that helps users in tracking their lost items. Yes, you can find your lost items by connecting These items with your smartwatch.

Works As Their Journal Dairy  

These smartwatches also work for you in your Journal diary. These smartwatches also can save your data like pictures, documents, videos, and much more.

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