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How 360-Degree Photo Booth Can Create A Buzz For Your Event?

The social 360-degree photo booth offers a podium platform & frame which allows attendees to stand on it & let the 360 camera spinning wheel record every angle.

To make a brand hike in the current era of digitalization, marketers are taking full advantage of experiential marketing solutions. Gone are the days when traditional methods of marketing can make a noise for a brand. In today’s era, brands are inclining towards innovative marketing methods to be in the headlines. The social 360-degree photo booth is creating a buzz since its inception. It is the most innovative photo booth, that allows attendees of an event to experience a 360 view and get relished with an overwhelming experience. 3d photo booth is one of the trending experiential marketing solutions, that are being used by various brands to create a buzz for their event. 

How does it work?

The social 360-degree photo booth offers a podium platform and frame which allows attendees to stand on it and let the 360 camera spinning wheel record every angle. 3d video photo booth can convert these captured photographs into GIF, Boomerang and slow-motion videos, making individuals solemnize and experience the best out of the event. 3d selfie photo booth allows guests to click out there best shots capturing every angle which can be shared instantly to various social media channels or get it printed onsite. Just pose for the perfect click at an event, with a 3d selfie photo booth. Its touch screen interface allows you to activate the live view.  

3d video photo booth is a great tool that allows brands to showcase their presence with interactive ways of experiential marketing strategies. It allows brands to interact with their customers while engaging them with fun experiences.

A slow-motion film captured by a 360 camera spinning wheel, which is shared on multiple social media platforms, allows attendees to access their videos. It can elevate any brand event and help brands to expand their reach by engaging more audience.  

Why 360 video photo booth is the show stopper for any event?

Photo Booth

Photobooths have been in the recent trend and are seen in every other event. 3d photo booth that gives a 360-degree viewing experience to guests has taken a photo booth to a new level of excitement and fun. It’s not wrong to say, 3d systems photo booth has been stealing the show ever since it came into existence. Get ready for mindblowing audience interactions and a buzzing event.  

1. It’s different from traditional photo booths

When we talk about the social 360-degree photo booth, it’s not the same as old traditional photobooths. It is trendy and stylish, which catches the attendee’s sight quite quickly. It can add a spark of glam to any event. 3d photobooth attracts the guests of the event to experience the same. 3D photobooths have been trending in the recent era and making many marketing events successful. The layout of the 3d selfie photo booth allows its installation in the smallest of spaces, unlike bulky traditional photobooths that needs an operator, large space and hefty budgets to be installed.

2. It Rotates While You Stand Still At One Place Striking Poses

photo booths

Who doesn’t love to get clicked? I don’t think no one out there says no to lovely pictures. Everyone loves clicking photographs from every angle. It has been a regular task in every event where you go. A social 360-degree photo booth makes the task much easy. It has a 360 camera spinning wheel, which automatically spins around the guests, allowing attendees at the event to strike exceptional poses by standing in one place. Get clicked by 3d photo booth and experience marvelous results in forms of GIF, Boomerang, Slow-motion videos or lovely photographs.

3. Creates Professional Bullet Effects 

Gone are the days when a series of cameras are hired for capturing an event. Getting the bullet time effect is the major agenda of hiring multiple cameras and arranging them sequentially in a huge space. Frozen photo booth or we call it a 3d photo booth is much more exciting then you thought it to be. It is capable of giving professional bullet effects that are super cool and trendy. 

4. 3D Systems Photo Booths Are Flexible

3d video photo booth moves as you suggest. Be the master and hold the key. 3d selfie photo booth does everything you want. You can add various effects to the video as per your desire.

Creating a montage, adding music to the video or using various filters to evoke the element of fun is now just a click away. Adjusting settings as per choice and getting clicked instantly and automatically gives altogether an amazing experience. 

Don’t just sit back thinking about the best experiential marketing strategies for your brand event.  Let your brand event make a buzz and be the talk of the town by installing 3d photo booths.  

Social 360 degree photo booths are versatile and flexible, which makes them fit for any event. 

Whether you have a wedding or a corporate event, or planning a mall activation or have store opening or thinking of a perfect marketing strategy for brand awareness, 3d photo booth is the answer to all your queries. They are a perfect fit for any event. Make your next event buzz with 3d photo booths.

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