Corporate Gifting

A Simple and Practical Guide to Corporate Gifting

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A simple expression and gesture of gratitude can make a world of difference in the longevity of the employer-employee relationship. Employers need to go beyond just verbally praising employees for good work and bestow with gifts every now and then at numerous festive occasions. HR managers have also realised that a corporate gifting culture is a tremendous tool for building lasting relationships with employees and clients.

Gift-giving culture lends a personal touch to the professional sphere of business and can be very refreshing. In the current scenario, corporate gifting is an integral part of every business’s multicultural environment. It holds the power to bring a shift from “professional rendering of a service” to “thoughtful employers who value the existing relationship.” Witnessing this, employers are doing more than just verbally praising the employees for their outstanding performance.

However, gifting employees and clients can be tricky. Here is a guide that will come in handy to select corporate gifts:

Think from the receiver’s perspective

gift Personalized Gifts

Whether it is a business partner, employee or client, the best way to select the gift is to think from the receiver’s perspective to ensure value-addition and bring about enhanced experience.

Choose gifts that can be used every day

The best gift is the one that can be used day in and day out in some or the other way. Such gifts ensure that the receiver has the company on their mind every time they use it. It should not be something that they will pass on to someone else.

Take timing into account


It is essential to make sure that the gift is given at the right time for instance during Diwali and other festivities. Companies can also give gifts to their employees on their birthdays, anniversaries or as an appreciation for their good performance. Gifting on such occasions motivates the employees to put honest effort into their work.

Having said that, corporate gifting can be a tedious job for HR professionals as there is a lot of hassle arranging meetings with vendors and then making a decision on the gift. This is where Sodexo Gift Card comes in as an ideal employee gifting solution for the human resource department of organizations as it helps them to manage employee and channel gifting at ease. The digital suite goes in sync with employees’ expectations as it offers multiple options and exclusive deals.

At times, the gifts don’t work with today’s workforce and end up sitting on the shelf labeled as the best corporate gifts in the past. This need gap is filled by the new age solution of a digital gift card, Sodexo Premium Pass. The innovative solution serves as a win-win situation for both organizations and the workforce as it is quite flexible as per the requirements. It provides freedom to employees to choose their gifts, and corporates can run multiple gifting and reward programs on one platform. It works on the RuPay platform giving the user access to 36 lakh+ retail outlets and 90,000+ online portals like Amazon, Flipkart, HomeCentre, etc.

The act of giving thoughtful corporate gifts is important for enhancing the employee experience quotient which should be the goal of corporate gifting. So for all your corporate gifting needs, go all out to leverage the disruptive evolution of technology and digital gifting means with Sodexo Premium Pass.

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