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How can Plants Help you Ward off Negativity From your House?

Do you believe in positive and negative energies? If yes, then you might also be aware of what impact do these energies have on our lives.

Do you believe in positive and negative energies? If yes, then you might also be aware of what impact do these energies have on our lives. Some people believe that whether we believe it or not, energies surround us and do affect us consciously or subconsciously. Ever wondered why you like some people instantly and dislike others without even talking to them? Because its the energies playing their part.

Everybody wants to be around positive people and catch a positive vibe, but you know It is believed that negative energy is contagious. If you find yourself surrounded by negativity, with no end in sight, don’t worry, here come plants to the rescue. Yes, there are plants that can invite positive energies for your well being. You know, for thousands of years, plants have been used to cleanse mind and soul. Plants can attract good vibes, repel stress and boost your mood and that what is called positivity. Who would have imagined that plants can be used for other reasons as well, other than being used as decorative purposes?

 If you want to channelize positive energy and ward off the negativity in your spaces then inculcate these potted marvels indoors.

Peace lily

Peace lily Flower Plant

As the name suggests, peace lily has the capacity to fill any space with spirituality. It regulates and improves the flow of positive energy. If planted indoor, peace lily even neutralizes the harmfull gases that have penetrated your living spaces. This plant flourishes in dark surroundings where there is less light like bedrooms and office cabins and still manages to purify the air. It can really go well with dull backgrounds. It is a gorgeous choice to add up indoors and get rid of all the negativity.


Well, bamboos are obvious on this list. I’m sure we all have spotted them resting in the corridors of offices or in other indoor spaces. Since so many people choose bamboo for indoor spaces, there has to have a reason for it, right? Yes, the reason behind this common practice is that apart from being a tropical plant, a bamboo plant is actually directly associated with wellness and positivity. It is capable of absorbing the harmful compounds from the air leaving the air purifier for you. The bamboo plant also re-grows after being harvested without much efforts just like other grass. It sends a philosophical message that one should never give up and keep trying for better things. It is a quick-growing plant which is really easy to maintain.

Money plant

Who isn’t aware of the stories and myths that revolve around a money plant. According to a very strong feng shui, the money plant is known to produce a flow that attracts fortune, prosperity and good luck in your life. As a money plant is a climber, it’s a common belief that if the shoot chimbs upwards it will sure bring you health and wealth. Now, talking about the scientific benefits, money plant in your space absorb the harmful chemicals from your home furnishings. It also helps in alleviating the mental stress, the negativity that surrounds you and anxiety.



Talking about plants, how can we miss flowers, right? What an exotic flower orchid is. One of the most favourite flowers in the world, here is one more reason to love it even more. Orchids have the capability to relieve you off your worries as it attracts positivity, leaving your space all re-energised. Surcharge your world with this complete stress burster and release oxygen at night, isn’t that great? Orchids are even beneficial for people who have trouble breathing as it purifies the air, leaving a sweet fragrance behind. Place a nice arrangement of orchid flowers as this flower also helps in spiritual wellness.


Here comes another flower- Rose. Rose flower that is available in endless colours, making it easy for you to choose. But I am not listing this flowering plant in this because of its colour option but because it is not only a treat to eyes but to lungs as well. Not kidding, rose is not only an ornamental delight but also a pro cleanser. It absorbs all the harmful, toxic chemicals from the air, which leaves you with all positivity around. surprisingly, after absorbing all that toxin, it still manages to smell so good.

Now can you feel the flower power? Flower and plants have the tendency to do so many things other than being all delicate and stuff.

If you too want to wash away all the negativity from your house, order flowers online as soon as possible and fill in all the void spaces.

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