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Once the students complete their graduation, they know they will be able to collect their final results, mark sheets from their college. Some colleges provide the degree certificate as well, while for some universities, the students need to submit their mark sheets and all in the university campus to obtain their degree certificate. So all in all, acquiring results, marksheets, or degree certificates for their completed course is pretty much easier and is known by everyone. But not every student applies for their transcript certificate as not everyone go to study abroad. Therefore it is somewhat complicated for students to know that from where they can get their university transcript. In this blog, we are going to share how and from where students can get the transcripts from the university they have studied in.

First of all, you should know that not every student is required to get their transcript from university. Transcript certificates are specific documents mainly required by students looking to study abroad. The transcript certificates are to be submitted to foreign universities along with other relevant documents such as their IELTS/TOEFL score, ECA for Canada or USA, and other such documents. Students can get their transcripts from their respective universities. A student from VTU will have to submit a VTU transcript, and someone from DU has to submit a DU transcript, and so on the students have to submit a transcript from the university they have completed their graduation for successful application of admission to the foreign university.

Now, there are multiple ways to get your transcripts from university. For example, a student who is studying at VTU can get their VTU transcript either by visiting the VTU university campus or submitting physical documents. They can also apply online through the university’s official website or they can contact the transcript services and they will get the student’s VTU transcript delivered to their desired address. Transcript services are also able to help students with the ECA for Canada or USA or Australia if required. We have already written a detailed post on what are the benefits of each mode of application for transcripts from the university (You can find the link for the same in the recent blogs section. So do check it out as well). We have also suggested which method should be considered by students in various scenarios. For example, if a student is nearing his application deadline for admission to a foreign university and he has to get his VTU transcript urgently, then they should consider Transcript service providers. They are professional and help you get your transcript from the university on time without any error.

Since the internet is accessible to everyone, therefore almost every university has now the facility to apply for all university-related documents online. Students can easily download their transfer certificate, mark sheets, degree, duplicate marksheets, etc. And transcripts from the university are no exception. So students can also apply and download their transcripts. But the students need to know that different universities have different procedures and conditions to process applications. A VTU student can apply for his VTU transcript only after logging in to their dashboard. They will need their enrolment number, password, or OTP to log in. While for a few other universities, transcript applications can be done without login in. Also, different universities can process online transcript applications for students who have completed their courses after a certain year. Therefore students need to check all these conditions before they proceed to apply for a transcript from the university. If you still need clarification on where and how to get transcripts from, do write them down in the comments section below.

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