How can you ensure your running gear lasts longer?

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Right from the pair of sports shoes to the apparel, your running gear is a big investment. And you do not want to invest in it every year, which means that you want it to last a little longer. If you are planning to make the most out of your Bone Yeezy Slide or Chunky Dunks, or the Nike apparel that you have with you, here are certain tips that you should follow:

Hang up the running apparel after running

Once you are finished running, all you are left with is the moisture-wicking tops and bottoms. Honestly, if you are a serious runner, these wet tops and bottoms are your must-haves. Although it is true that these items do not require any specific maintenance and as you sweat, your apparel will wick away the moisture, and when you do not care for the same, it will trap odor and bacteria in the fabric. When you are done with running, you must hang shirts and apparel to dry immediately once the run is complete.


Avoid using fabric softener and heat in the wash

Whenever you put your running tees, bottoms, and socks in the washing machine, kindly avoid using fabric softener and spin these at high temperatures. Fabric softeners can leave a residue that will compromise the wicking capacity of the apparel, and the more heat you use to clean it, the more it will develop the ability to catch odors. You must wash all your technical items in cold water, and consider using sports-specific detergents. These cleaners are designed to remove odors by keeping the quality of the tees and other garments intact. Once the clothes are washed, air dry your clothing.

Hand washing your running shoes

Your running shoes are tough but you must not keep the entire shoe in the washing machine. Washing the shoes in the machine will damage the cushioning as well as the machine itself. Instead, you can use some other methods to do so. Clean the external dirt with a soft toothbrush using warm water and gentle soap.

Even if your shoes get wet during running, you must use the same technique as you do to your apparel, never use heat to dry them. You should clean your shoes and leave them to dry under the sun or in an airy room.

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