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How Can You Plan a Perfect Gameday Party at Your Place for Friends?

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Planning a game-day party at your place for friends can be tricky. You want to provide enough food and drinks, but not overdo it, or people will leave hungry. You want the TV set up perfectly so that everyone can see what’s going on, but you don’t have a ton of space in your living room. And then there are the decorations. No one wants to show up at someone else’s house and find out they didn’t bother with any decorations! In this blog post, we’re going to cover seven tips for planning a successful gameday party at your place. Hopefully, they’ll help make sure that your next event is as great as it should be.

1. Make your game-watching snacks interactive

One of the best parts about watching sports is snacking. But why settle for potato chips when there are so many possibilities? For example, buy some cheap soup mugs and fill them with different colored tortilla chips or put Chex mix in clear plastic cups instead of serving it in big bowls. And don’t forget about the dip! You can never go wrong with a classic seven-layer bean dip or guacamole, but feel free to get creative. Buffalo chicken dip jars, taco cups, and mini quesadilla cutouts are just a few beautiful ideas you might want to try out next time around. Don’t forget to plan for enough drinkware either—you’ll need cups for soda, glasses to serve water in, and plastic cups for beer.

2. Get the best seating arrangement possible

Don’t forget about your guests’ comfort. If you don’t have enough room at home to set out a seating area with multiple pillows or chairs, then opt instead to take them over to your friend’s house. Or if they insist on coming to your place, try making them as comfortable as possible by moving couches around so that people face the TV. If you have spare floor space near where people are sitting, throw out an extra-large pillow or two so that they can put their feet up without getting cold. Plus, it’s always great when everyone has their drinking cup – you can even set out different soda or cups full of ice for water.

3. Make sure the TV is perfect

As we already mentioned, this is important! You want everyone to be able to see what’s going on and not have to keep standing up and moving around so that they don’t miss out. Getting a good viewing angle isn’t as easy as it sounds. If your friends are sitting in a big circle, there’s no way everyone will be able to see at once. However, there are ways to work around this problem. If the room only has one wall with enough space for all of your guests, try setting up chairs along that wall instead. This gives everyone a great view of the TV without you needing to worry about people getting bored because they can’t see anything. When it comes time for halftime, you can quickly put another chair in front of the TV if there are still too many people crowded close by—or move everyone into different spots.

4. Plan where everyone will sit ahead of time

It’s always good if your guests know where they’re going to sit before you start watching the game. This way, they won’t have to stand around awkwardly for any period. And guess what? Planning seating arrangements is easy. Just figure out how many people are coming over and number them off from the smallest number to the largest; when it’s time for everyone to take their seats, assign them each a number and then sit them in the correct order. If your guests want to switch spots, let them know that you’ll figure it out when things get started.

5. Get some big-ticket items for purchase

There is plenty of new sports merchandise available on Amazon. If there’s someone who comes over every week to watch the games with you, then go ahead and splurge on an expensive item or two that they would love. For example, make sure they know you got new mugs with their favorite football team logo on them, or bake up some special cupcakes with their name on top! It doesn’t have to be extravagant—just something nice that you can give to them to say, “Hey, thanks for coming over!”

6. Create the perfect party playlist

Music is indeed a big part of any get-together. If people can’t stand your taste in tunes, then they aren’t going to want to hang around for long. So before you put your guest list together, make sure you’ve got some great songs picked out ahead of time. If you need inspiration, look no further than this excellent list of classic college fight songs. These are perfect because they put all of your guests in an incredibly festive mood and will guarantee plenty of excitement when it’s time to watch the game. Just pick out a few essential tracks and try not to play them too often. You want everyone to enjoy them.

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