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How to Build a Commerce Mobile App for eCommerce Store

A survey says that in 2020, mobile commerce will make up to nearly 45% of the total ecommerce sales equalling up to $284 billion. Mobile commerce is the new trend were with just with a few swipes and clicks the customers can be able to shop from their app.

Thanks to the surplus technologies and app development providers which had made the ecommerce shopping easier. Finding the best mobile commerce app solution is the strenuous task. In this article, I am going to discuss the best mobile commerce solution you can find in the market.

Kick start to build your mobile commerce store using Woocommerce:

To build a mobile app with uncompromising performance, Woocommecre plays a major role.

Successful business wants a nimble and adaptable Woocommerce app for its customers. We integrate any number of APIs and technologies to have a smooth experience and flawless navigation. To provide no complexities during shopping, we customize your mobile app for the woocommerce store and maintain an engaging and interactive user experience for your Woocommerce ecommerce app.

Native user experience

Enhance the shopping experience

Mobile Commerce

Provide your customers with easy navigation, clutter-free checkout, and fabulous usability so that they feel more satisfied and delighted shopping inside your Woocommerce native mobile app. Make the customers addicted by carving some unique features that offer them rewards and value.

Push Notifications

Update your customers on your sale

Attract your customers back to your woocommerce store with push notifications. Send offers, discounts and promotions of certain new products that are already stored in the cart. This fascinating feature in our woocommerce mobile app mesmerizes the users and it calls for the immediate action and boosts the sales than email and text messages

More Products & Categories

More products equal more sales

The woocommerce mobile app allows you to add as many products as you want. It’s that simple to add the product details like name, description and we categorize it and add a tag so that your customers can easily find out. Give the users options to choose from wide varieties and increase your revenue drastically.

Multi-online stores Integration

Combine different stores and see huge ROI.

Manage different online stores on one account using Woocommerce mobile solutions. Selling inventories with multiple online stores saves time and stress when your Woocommerce mobile app is integrated with multi-stores.

Multi Shipping & multi-Payment Methods

Smooth transaction and shipping

In the current abundance of choices in the retail market, it has become vital to include more shipping options to attract and retain your customers. Woocommerce native mobile app builder helps to include payment gateways such as Apple Pay, Paypal, AfterPay and others. It tremendously increases the reliability of your Woocommerce store.

Multiple Languages & Multiple Currencies

We speak to you in your language. 

Woocommerce mobile app builder render its customers to pay for their purchase using their preferred currencies during the time of checkout. The modern Woocommerce native mobile app also supports international currencies such as GBP, USD, EURO, YEN, AED, INR, etc. To facilitate global users to access your woocommerce store, multiple languages are also supported.

Deep Linking

Link your customers to your product page

product page

Make your Woocommecer app customers reach the checkout page directly from the page where they are currently browsing with deep linking. Whatever page or app they might be in, we make sure that your Woocommerce store buyers will never stray away from the product page they had an eye on then to increase the ROI.


Bookmark your customers like in a wish bucket and earn.

The Woocommerce native mobile app lets its users bookmark the products they wish to purchase. This feature in your Woocommerce store helps to yield more profit by notifying the customers about the offers that are applicable to the item in their bucket.

Ziel Cart’s Woocommerce custom mobile app extension guides you to create the app you always fantasized which makes the shopping experience of the customers easier for even no technical person. Contact us for more information.

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