How to Build an ECommerce Website

Are you planning to start an eCommerce business? Or perhaps you’ve a product idea and want to open an online store to sell it? Whatever be the case, there has never been a better time to start an eCommerce website.

According to a statistics from eMarketer, it is estimated that the online sales will top $27 trillion in 2020.

But, before getting into the eBusiness, you have to know how do eCommerce stores make profits? What are the secret tricks they follow to increase sales volume and customer acquisition at minimal cost? Here’s the breakdown of the process to build an eCommerce website from scratch.

Steps to Build Your eCommerce Website:

ECommerce Website

You’ve to get started with the business model that includes creation of a domain name, technology used for designing the website and the logistics support that deals with customer delivery.


A beautiful, striking domain name makes sense for the website to gain massive clicks. Create a short, specific, brandable, catchy, easy to remember name which does not violate any copyrights.


ECommerce Technology

Next comes the technology on which the website is being built. Magento, WooCommerce, OS Commerce, Shopify, BigCommerce are some of the well named technologies in the market. These help to create a sophisticated eStore with balanced functionality and user experience for maximum performance.


This is another important part of any eCommerce business. If your product has a huge welcome among the consumers, then invest in warehouses on major cities assisted by distribution centres across local areas to offer quick delivery.

Roadway to Make a Profitable eCommerce Store:


ECommerce website

Buy or Sell are the two major things that is going to take place on an eCommerce store. Hence, the website must be user friendly to buy or sell products and services virtually without having to visit a physical store. It can be built using eCommerce website development from scratch or choosing a readymade eCommerce platform that serves your exact needs.

 Whatever be your choice, make sure your website offers

       * Intuitive user experience

       * Real time product offering

       * Multiple payment options

And more.


Mobile Commerce plays another role in boosting your eCommerce revenue. Allied Market Research says the global mobile payments is predicted to grow by 33% by 2022 which accounts for 3388 Billion USD. It has become mandatory to keep a mobile friendly website for any eCommerce store to reach potential customers on the go.

Out of the Box Features to Build an eCommerce Website:

Due to the thriving competition, an eCommerce store has to have the following features to beat the fellow competitors.

     * Responsive theme

     * Admin panel

     * Seller panel

     * Product management

     * Unlimited products, categories

     * Multilingual

     * Discounts

     * Tax management

     * Commission calculation

     * One step checkout

     * Google analytics

     * Shipping methods

     * Invoice management

     * Reviews and rating

     * Product comparison

And lot more

Factors that will amplify your eCommerce Store’s Profit and Revenue

 Design and Interface:

It plays a major role in bringing customers back to your website, hence, it help to build brand, engage customers and convert more sales.


This allows you to save your store unaffected when it faces uncertain hike in sales volume. Cloud hosting help you to keep your website secure, run at high performance at extremely scalable, reliable and economical price.


Pamphlets, billboards can no longer reach your potential customers. This the new world of marketing through digital means. You have to get hold of digital marketing techniques like SEO, SEM, email marketing and social media to attain targeted customers.

So, by now you’ve gained some knowledge about the prerequisites to build your own eCommerce website. Then why wait? Kick start your plan of launching your eStore.

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