Build Ridesharing

How To Build Ridesharing?

The increasing number of cars on the roads is a sign of economic development. But growing traffic woes and accompanying serious health issues are concerns that need to be taken care of. The tons of chemicals produced by vehicles result in environmental damage such as acid rain, climate change, water pollution and so on. It causes severe damages to people right from minor allergies to cancer and sometimes to death.

It is not practically possible to survive without cars but reducing its usage is highly appreciable both to the welfare of human and environment. The unique idea of sharing cars helps us in a lot of ways.

Ride-sharing provides a multitude of advantages such as, 


  • Saves time and money

  • Lesser carbon emission

  • Reduces air pollution

  • Reduces car congestion

Some of the popular ride-sharing companies include BlaBlaCar and Uber. Still, there’s a demand for ride-sharing. You don’t need a huge investment to start a ride-sharing business. You can start with two cars and later increase it to a fleet.

But you need an app to make your business successful. Ready-made ride-sharing clone applications are available in the market. With a BlaBlaCar clone app, you can easily start a ride-sharing business in no time.

Before getting a ride-sharing clone application, make sure to include the following features in it,

  • Easy login

Users don’t need to create a separate account. They can log in with their social media accounts.

  • Create Profile 

Users can create independent profile with details such as contact details, name, payment preferences and so on.

  • Instant Matching

This feature helps the users to save time by instantly connecting them with the nearby drivers.

  • Rating System

Both the drivers and users can use the rating system and it will improve the standard of the platform.

  • Incentives and Referral Programs

Drivers and customers will earn rewards in the form of promo codes, incentives, and referrals.

  • Multiple Payment Methods

Riders can pay with multiple payment methods such as credit card, debit card and also through stripe and online payment gateways.

AppDupe, a leading company in the field of app development offers a highly customizable BlaBlacar clone which helps you start your business in no time.

By starting a ride-sharing business, you can save the environment and can also earn lucrative revenue from the flourishing market.

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