How to choose tamil baby boy names by birth star and numerology?

This article explains to parents how to choose Tamil baby boy names based on Birth Star and Numerology.

Parents choose a Tamil baby boy names in many ways. Some parents choose Hindu god names. Many parents choose Tamil names for their babies, gods like Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lord Muruga, Lord Ganesh, Lord Ayyappa, Lord Surya, and Lord Chandra. A few choose pure Tamil names from Tamil literature. But the modern trend is to choose modern Tamil baby boy names. When choosing a Tamil name for a baby boy, the name should be meaningful and beautiful. There are a few guidelines for choosing Tamil baby names.

A baby should choose the first letter of the name according to their birth star. There is a total of 27 Nakshatras in Astrology. Each Nakshatra has its Tamil alphabet. So if the letter corresponding to that star is the first letter of the Tamil name, then the name will be lucky. So it is beneficial for parents to choose their baby's name according to Nakshatra.

For example, let's say a baby boy is born in Aries, Ashwini Nakshatra. 

Four Tamil letters belong to the star Ashwini. They are four letters su, se, so, and la, belonging to Ashwini Nakshatra. So it is an astrological belief that a boy born under this Nakshatra should choose a name from the above four Tamil alphabets. The name thus chosen will give the grace of the planet of that star.

There is a total of 27 Nakshatras and 9 Planets in Astrology. In which each planet rules 3 Nakshatras. Sun – Karthikai, Uttaram, Uttaradam, Moon – Rohini, Hastam, Thiruvonam, Mars – Mrigasirisham, Chitrai, Avitam, Guru – Punarbhusam, Visakham, Pooratathi, Mercury – Aiyalam, Ketai, Revathi, Venus – Parani, Pooram, Puradam, Ketu – Ashwini, Magam, Aral, Rahu – Tiruvadhirai, Swathi, Sadhayam, Sani – Pusam, Anusham, Uthratathi are also ruling stars. Therefore, according to astrology, every child born on earth will have the dominance and character of the planets belonging to the star in which the child was born.

Naming a child based on the date of birth is called Numerology. Every number from 1 to 9 in Numerology has a corresponding English letter. Number 1 to 9 is ruled by one of our planets. So if the sum of the child's name and the sum of the child's date of birth is the same, the name will be lucky for the baby.

Numerology is a method of arithmetic that has been used since ancient times. There is a total of 26 letters in English. Some of these English letters are given numbers from 1 to 9. All these 9 numbers belong to a planet. They are 1 – Sun, 2 – Moon, 3 – Jupiter, 4 – Rahu, 5 – Mercury, 6 – Venus, 7 – Ketu, 8 – Saturn, and 9 – Mars in numerical numerology. If a person's date of birth is 7, his character and actions will be dominated by planet 7, Ketu. To find out one's numerology number, there is a chart for this numerology.

There are many Tamil baby boy names in the Tamil language. There are different names, such as common Tamil names, Hindu god Tamil names, Tamil boy literary names, and modern Tamil baby boy names. So parents can enjoy choosing their baby boys' favorite baby boy Tamil names.

This article is helpful for parents choosing a Tamil name for a baby boy. No doubt, choosing a Tamil baby boy name according to the guidelines laid out in it will be beneficial.


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