Free Credit Card Processing For Small Business

Swipe4Free is the nation’s number one cash discount & surcharging platform. We provide free credit card processing for your business with a non-cash charge.

Why Join The Nation’s #1 Cash Discounting & Surcharging Platform?

Keep 100% of Your
Credit Card Sales

Swipe4Free lets you keep all of your profits by eliminating your credit card processing fees through our cash discount platform. All prices of goods/services are displayed in both the cash amount and credit amount. The cash amount is discounted from the credit amount. Should a customer choose to pay in credit, there will be no discount applied. We also offer surcharge services. This service applies a surcharge fee (maximum 4%) on all credit card sales of goods/services which is shown as an additional separate line item to the cost of the item/service.

Accept Card
Payments Anywhere

As a Swipe4Free merchant, you have access to a suite of the newest POS systems and terminals that will allow you to take payments anywhere on the go, making your job and your customer’s life much easier. Being able to accept payments at any given time opens your business up to a new world of opportunities and profitability.

Reward Cash
Paying Customers

Swipe4Free does not only eliminate your business’s card fees with our Non-Cash Charge, but it also encourages your customers to pay with cash helping you further avoid card fees and putting cash straight into your pocket. Swipe4free gives your business the unique ability to reward cash-paying customers by giving them a lower price.

  • Cash Discounting is Fully Compliant with Federal and State Laws

The Durbin Amendment does not allow any payment card network to inhibit a merchant’s ability to implement a cash discount.

  • The U.S. Has the Highest Interchange Rates

U.S. interchange rates are unregulated, allowing payment card networks (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) to charge what they want at any time. Interchange fees will continue to increase for the merchant.

  • Raising Your Prices Loses Customers

It has been statistically proven that raising prices costs far more customers than implementing a cash discount program.

  • Offset the Rising Minimum Wage Rate

States across the U.S. are raising minimum wage rates, especially in the Tri-State area with New York at $15/hour with New Jersey soon to follow.

  • Avoid Junk Fees and All Other Miscellaneous Fees

Junk fees are just one example of a junk fee charged by your traditional credit card processor.

  • Offset Other Constantly Growing Costs of Doing Business

From rising rent to inventory costs, the cost of doing business grows every year for merchants with no relief.

Top Business Types Using Swipe4Free

Delis & Supermarkets

Grocery stores & Supermarkets no longer have to lose customers to Credit Card Minimums and can accept credit cards, regardless of the amount, with no fee.


Eliminate the minimum sale credit/debit card signs and offset increasing minimum wages and food costs through Swipe4Free. No longer do Pizzerias have to worry about decreased profits from processing fees.


Increases in the minimum wage and other costs make it difficult for restaurants to make a profit. Swipe4Free offsets these costs by eliminating its processing bill.


Thanks to Swipe4Free Wholesalers can now collect payments upfront via Credit Card, rather than giving terms. Through Swipe4Free their profit margins are not affected!

The eCommerce Payment Solution

Swipe4free provides your eCommerce business with the functionality and language to integrate a convenience fee at check out. Swipe4free is fully compatible with top shopping cart platforms like Woo Commerce.

Introducing Social Distancing To The Payment Industry

We understand that businesses are slowly reopening and there is a level of uncertainty with their consumers returning back to normal spending. Once reopened merchants must also follow strict social distancing guidelines also affecting their ability to maximize sales volumes. In addition, merchants now have the added expense of PPE(Personal Protective Equipment) – like face masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer. Now is the perfect time to eliminate your Credit card processing fee’s to help offset these financial hardships! Swipe4free provides a solution to all these issues!

The Social Distancing Solution

We provide each of our merchants with our certified merchant safety sticker placed at the point of entry ensuring customers that your business is doing everything in your power to help keep your employees and customers healthy and safe. We also provide contactless and antimicrobial equipment that protects your customers and employees from the spread of harmful germs.


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