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You can construct result-driven marketing campaigns with the SalezShark Connect+ marketing automation package. Our marketing automation suite’s campaign analytics ex

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Design emails like a pro

It is important to consider the style and style of emails you send when designing effective email campaigns. Connect+'s marketing automation software gives users an easy method to create stunning email templates that are responsive and result in results. create email campaigns With just a few clicks using drag-and-drop functionality and you can design templates for marketing emails that are not just stunning but also responsive.

Customize your email campaigns

Connect+ is a marketing automation suite that lets you modify and design templates for marketing emails in just one or two clicks. This can help you save your time. It provides a variety of editing options, ranging from graphic designs as well as code or even a mix of both for your email marketing campaigns. Get rid of lengthy, tedious step-by-step wizards and build extremely flexible workflows for email. It allows you to manage different aspects of email campaigns including the target audience, A/B testing and even content.

Access pre-designed email templates

If you're in a hurry and aren't in the mood to develop emails marketing designs from scratch then you could benefit from your Connect+ built email templates. It provides access to numerous responsive templates for email which can result in better results. Utilizing these templates, you will not only reduce time, but also can create email marketing campaigns in motion with a professional design in a short amount of time.

Create stunning HTML emails in just a few clicks

Connect+ , a marketing automation suite, gives you a simple drag and drop features to design stunning HTML email templates with just couple of clicks. It lets you create templates for email marketing using the variety of types of content module. You can modify and access the HTML email templates with every aspect to fit your branding without breaking the structural code.

Enjoy a the best experience

With our marketing automation software, it is possible to seamlessly integrate the transactional and marketing emails. From creating newsletters to automating receipts to password resets; everything can be accomplished with ease thanks to the familiar editing experience. It functions as a powerful partner between developers and marketers. Therefore, Connect+'s Connect+ software for marketing automation allows you to provide a consistent and reliable customer experience.

Create action-oriented email campaigns

Marketing automation lets you to build action-oriented emails campaigns that encourage your email recipients to make contact to your company. It gives you templates for marketing emails that give the option of putting pertinent CTAs (Call to Action) in your emails that will make your emails more targeted. When you write an email message, you could put CTAs strategically. CTAs strategically to grab the attention of recipients of emails and make them feel connected to them immediately.

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email marketing campaign in no time.

Schedule email marketing campaigns in advance

With Connect+, the Connect+ software for marketing automation,, you can plan marketing campaigns with just a few clicks. It helps you stay more organized while preparing numerous email marketing campaigns. You can create and populate your marketing calendar ahead of time and plan several massive email marketing campaign ahead of time for any time or date, or based on the geographic location of the email list in order to increase the open and click rates on emails.

Track email campaigns performance

You can monitor the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns with just a few clicks using Connect+. Through the use of data and analytics from your email campaigns you can quickly determine whether or not to reduce the number of emails you send to certain recipients of emails. These analytics for email campaigns help you to know the preferences of your recipients and help improve the efficiency of your email delivery.

Create highly responsive email campaigns

"Highly responsive" email campaigns, we mean emails that are easily viewed on any device from mobile to desktop. Connect+ lets you design highly responsive email templates as well as the pre-built templates for emails of our marketing automation software are fully tested to ensure that the design is perfect across any device. It promises to deliver the best experience for your recipients of your emails.

Manage email list

Through the introduction of our marketing automation software, you can improve your relationships with customers by providing carefully planned, targeted outreach. It lets you segment your list of recipients for email which allows you to send specific, personalized messages that improve customer satisfaction and deliverability more effective. So you can manage your contacts with confidence and with each contact on your list of email addresses there is the chance to establish an authentic, two-way connection.

Create a smart email list

Connect+, a marketing automation software suite, lets you make and edit contacts through simplified CSV uploads. It allows you to build specific lists, both dynamic and manual, that allow you to personalize your marketing. Through the creation of an intelligent email list, it will ensure that your emails are sent to the right recipients at the appropriate moment. Therefore, it can help you boost the performance of your email campaigns.

Get access to marketing reports & dashboards in a few clicks

Connect+ will make it easy for you in creating different marketing campaigns reports in just a couple of clicks. It provides access to a variety of reports automatically generated by the software that will help you save time and can share these reports with upper management. The reports come in the form of simple pie charts and graphs which help you deliver the effectiveness of your marketing campaign presentation in a way that is effective. These reports are separated into different dashboards that allow you to assess the overall performance of the marketing process in a single glance.

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