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How to Get More Followers on Instagram App

The population of the whole United States is 325 million!

But why am I mentioning this thing here?

It is because I want to amaze you by telling something about Instagram. Instagram has more than a billion active followers, implying that it can encompass the population three to four times greater than the US.

With such amazing figures, it has become mandatory for everyone to utilize Instagram if they want to gain the size and exposure for their organization.

It does not mean whether you are using Instagram on your pc or mobile, if you have more followers, then you will have increased sales for your business.

But the question is, how can you grow your followers from zero to a couple of thousands on the Instagram app?

The answer to this question lies in the actionable 8 tips that I am going to discuss with you today. Stay with me and see the magic in your followership.

  • Socialize with other People

It is called social media because it helps you to become social. To get the trust of the followers, manage the feedback appropriately. Whenever you receive a comment from the followers, never miss the opportunity of replying to them.

Reply in a manner so that they feel encouraged to revisit your profile. Also, share the content of the followers with others if possible.

  • Create a Hashtag and Ask Others to Use it

Creating a new hashtag and asking others to use it is another excellent way of boosting your followership. Make sure that your hashtag is unique and is serving the best purpose.

If the people adore your hashtag, then you can also repost the images of your followers by giving them credit. It will not only build an active community but, it will also provide new content for your account.

To get the profound hashtags that will boost the engagement of your business, you can visit this site.  You will get quality tags that will prove conducive for getting followers and an active community.

  • Participate in Popular Conversations

How can you participate in the most popular and trending discussions?

The primary source of doing this is to utilize the hashtags that are trending and famous on your own posts. Once you click on the popular hashtag, you will be taken to a page where the people would be discussing the different dimensions of the topic.

Start giving your profound suggestions and let them know that you are a pro in dealing with the marketing things. Trust me; you will find competent people by interacting in the debates and conversations.

  • Use Descriptive Captions while Uploading the Photos or Videos

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but it does not mean that you start overlooking the importance of words. Popular channels employ fantastic storytelling techniques to generate more engagement and sharing.

Don’t worry if you are unable to write compelling and descriptive captions initially. You will get better with time. Just never stop practicing.

  • Expand your Locality

Instagram provides the feature of searching for different places and the trends associated with these particular places. You just need to type the name of the area, and you will have all the posts and the content on which the area is tagged.

Through this, you will get to know the prevalent tendencies of the users of a particular area. For example, if your business is about the shoes, then it might be possible that there is no demand for your shoes in one area of the city and while the same shoes might be trendier in a different area.

Therefore, target the audience where there are chances of highest engagement and sale.

  • Run a Contest for your Brand

              If you have something that you want to give to others, then pass it through the channel of a contest. Ask users to share or tag your photos and content. You can also invite them to use your hashtag in their content.

People love it when they see the chances of winning something easily. Therefore, it is high me for you to play with their emotions.

  • Use Instagram Stories

Research suggests that many of the users prefer going directly to the Instagram stories rather than scrolling through the dull and boring feed.

Through stories, you can:

  • Show behind the scene views of your products
  • Start polls
  • Add gifs and emoticons
  • Entertain the audience with the music.

You will be connected with your follower more profoundly after utilizing the stories

  • Use Analytics

To examine what your followers like the most, you should be using Instagram analytics. You will be able to know whether a specific type of image is getting more engagement than others or whether a video is getting more views than other videos.

Once you find the best strategy for your content, then you would be able to strike the heartstrings of the followers quickly.

  • Task Ant

Bottom Line

Never stop your quest of getting genuine people. Start showing your love and compassion for the followers, and you will see that your favors are paying off.

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