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How to Prepare to Send Your Child to Kindergarten

Every little milestone a child achieves brings a lot of excitement to the parent. Whether it is a child’s first step or the first utterance, parents are overwhelmed with joy for their child’s growth progress. It is even more exciting to enroll a child in school when they are of the right age. But the satisfaction is short-lived as the reality of enrolling a child to school kicks in. parents quickly realize that enrolling a child to school is not an easy process. It requires them to be prepared and also to prepare the children for school.

It is essential to understand why kindergarten schooling is vital before parents prepare to enroll their children in school. Kindergarten is essential because;

1. It introduces children to formal education

Kindergarten is the base of all other levels of education. It is in Kindergarten that learners are introduced to formal education, and they gain literacy skills. Literacy skills refer to the ability to read and write. The literacy skills influence the performance in other levels of education. A child who cannot read and write will have a hard time in different educational grades. Therefore, parents should enroll their child in the best preschool in Malaysia, like the GIIS Kuala Lumpur, to ensure a sufficient child’s educational foundation.

2. It fosters a child’s Independence

A child who enrolls in Kindergarten is probably at the age of five. Since birth, the child has solely been under the parent’s care; hence, they depend on the parents for everything. However, enrolling in Kindergarten means that they have to learn to do things independently as they are not under the direct care of their parents; hence they become independent.

3. Fosters Social and Emotional Growth

A child should know how to communicate with others from as early as when they are toddlers. By enrolling them in Kindergarten, they start interacting with other children, develop communication skills, the art of sharing, and empathy by relating to each other’s mindset and feelings.

If your child is an only child or solely interacts with adults, social skills development is difficult and slow. But preschools provide an enabling environment for children to acquire social attributes.

4. Enables the Physical Growth

Physical exercise and play are a priority in these institutions; hence, your child will engage in play and fun activities, which boosts your child’s physical growth. So how do you prepare to send your child to Kindergarten?

First, as a parent, you can self-prepare to send your child to Kindergarten through;

  • Choosing a Suitable School

Choosing the right school is the first step in the preparation of sending your child to school. You want to introduce your five-year-old child to education in the best available school. Therefore you ought to be keen. The schools’ location, the school’s security, the teacher’s competency, the school’s facilities, and the quality of education are the influencing factors in choosing the right kindergarten school for your child.

  • Having a Funding Plan

It is no secret that enrolling your child in school means more expenses. Therefore, parents should have a financial plan to cater to their child’s tuition fees. Ensure that you plan early on how you will pay for school fees. For instance, you could open an account where you save for your child’s education

  • Having a Schedule

You should ensure that you now plan your time accordingly to prepare your child for school in the morning and picking them from school. If you are a working parent and have a tight schedule, you need to have an alternative means of ensuring your child gets to school on time.

It would help if you also prepared your child about enrolling them in international school. The following are ways of preparing your child to send them to Kindergarten;

  • Communicate

One of the easy ways and most effective ways of preparing your child to enroll them in school is talking to them. Make them understand why school is important and listen to how they feel about enrolling in Kindergarten. As enrolling a child in school means that they will be away from you, you need to talk to them and reassure them; this way, they will be psychologically prepared for school.

  • Pre-visit the School

Plan a tour of the school with your child and familiarize them with the new environment they are going to enroll in.

  • Allow them to interact with Fellow Kids who will enroll in Kindergarten.

Allowing such interactions helps to create a picture of what they should expect once they join Kindergarten.

Enrolling a child in Kindergarten is a vital step in child development as Kindergarten fosters the mental, social, emotional, and physical growth of a child. It is, therefore, a parent’s duty to prepare their children for school. They should also prepare themselves to send their children to school in these ways. Make your child’s kindergarten experience a memorable one by preparing them early enough.

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