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How to Save Money Efficiently When You Are On Job Hunting

Job hunting can be really hectic both physically and financially. However, with some effective ways, you can manage to save lots of money.

Waking early in the morning, travelling all the way from one corner of the city to another, and giving regular interviews day after day, job hunting is far more hectic than you can imagine. And the worst part is managing all the rents, bills and who can forget the job searching expenses becomes as difficult as climbing up the Mount Everest.

Finding a new job can take weeks or even months, and you might not even know it when the cost of printing your CV and the travel expense will put you on the verge of redundancy. Therefore, on a time like this where you don’t have a job and your pocket is getting empty by seconds, it is important to use whatever money left in your account rationally. Here, in this blog, we have prepared a list of tips and useful suggestions that can help you save money while you are searching for jobs. So let us get started.

Tips to survive financially during unemployment 

  • Cut your expense on clothing

Yes, it is true that you need to be completely neat and dapper when going for job hunting. Well, appearance matters a lot during a job interview but when you are barely managing to meet the daily ends, there is no need to go around the malls buying clothing for the interview. Instead of purchasing, you can borrow a suit or any professional outfit from any of your friends or any family member. There is no need to buy a new job rather than that you can polish your old shoe nicely and make it as shiny as possible.

  • Search for the local job centres

There must be job centres around your locality so search for them as they can be extremely helpful. These community job centres provide free internet services and various others which you can use to save a good amount of money that could cost due to the job search. Job centres are almost everywhere, and it would be not that difficult to find one. However, if you are having any difficulty in locating a job centre, then you can take the help of the department of labour of your state. Apart from that, these job centres provide affordable job training and also teach how to improve your skills that can help in getting the job earlier.

  • Reduce travel expenses

travel expenses save money

Going from one corner of the city to another every day might not seem so big on the initial period, but as the days pass by, these not so big looking expenses will quickly add up. Thus, it is better to look out for ways to cut the cost of travelling. If you are applying for jobs in the same city, then try to arrange the majority of interviews that you are planning to give on the same day. You can ask the taxi firms about any loyalty discount offers and try to avoid travelling in rush hour as this is the time where the price of the tickets are comparatively higher than other hours of the day. Also, if possible try to travel on buses and pack your lunch as well so that you don’t have to eat outside.

  • Take financial assistance

If finding a new job is taking a far longer time than what you have expected or what your pocket permits, then it’s time that you take some financial assistance. You need to pay your bills, rents and most importantly manage your daily expenses. You can borrow from your friends or families but if you don’t want to sour the relationship with them, then you need to knock the doors of a financial institution. Well, as you are in urgent need of money and no longer have a job, going after bank for a loan could take a longer time than your patience allows. Thus, the best would be to go with private players. You can apply for payday loans for unemployed from direct lenders who can provide quick cash with minimum documentation and paperwork. You can easily repay the loan after you have got a new job.

  • Time to do work from home

work from home save money

Well, getting a job could take longer so instead of pulling your hair out, you can work from home. There are plenty of websites that offer freelancing work such as writing, graph designing, invoice management, virtual assistant any plenty more. You can even go for tutoring or be a yoga trainer, basically any skills of yours which you can monetize. Although the money that you will be getting from these sites would be less than what you can get from a full-time job, still it will be like a ray of hope in the darkness.

  • Go Digital

Look for every possibility to save money as much as you can. For instance, you can email your CV directly to the company’s HR department rather than printing multiple CVs. Also, instead of travelling all the way for the interview, ask if it is possible to give the interview through video conferencing or through the phone. And if everything is settled, then you can directly head to the company for the final deal and all.

So, these were all the steps that you can follow in order to save your money when you are out on job hunting. All these steps collectively can help you save a lot of money than you can even imagine.

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