How To Send Money Across Africa

Transfer money through a secure and trusted system within Africa. Send Money In Minutes. 24/7 hour of service available.

If you're thinking of relocating from Nigeria to Canada, the United Kingdom, or the United States, you may be thinking about how to send money back home. You may be asking how to send money across Africa whether you already live in one of these countries or anywhere else in the world. Transfy is at the very top of the list. Transfy is the best instant money transfer app. This is why.

Transfer Money Across Africa Through Best Money Transfer App

Transfy Is Less Expensive

When sending money abroad, you normally have to pay a fee. Banks have higher fees, whereas internet providers such as Transfy are less expensive. The low fees for sending money to Nigeria are due to a variety of factors.

Transfy does not charge fees for transactions.

Transfy is also the best way to send money across Africa because it does not charge any additional costs. There is no transaction cost, in reality. The fees are instead factored into the exchange rate. The rate you see is the rate you will be charged.

Many money transfer businesses aren't as transparent about their fees as they should be. They frequently deceive customers by promising low-cost transfers across Africa, only to tack on unexpected fees at the end.

Send Money Across Africa  in the Most Efficient Way

However, Transfy is the finest way to send money to Africa for more reasons than only its inexpensive pricing. It's also a really quick procedure. In most circumstances, when you send money with Transfy, the recipient receives the funds within half an hour.

When you consider how long it takes to spend money in other places, this is a significant difference. Using the mail can take weeks, and there's always the risk of the funds getting lost in the process. Bank transfers can take several business days to complete, and the recipient's bank may place a hold on the funds, prolonging the procedure.

At Transfy, we put safety first.

When looking for the best option to send money to Africa, you must also consider security. Transfy places a high priority on safety. Every transaction is protected by bank-level encryption. Because all of the details are encoded, hackers will be unable to intercept the transfer.

Every Transfy money transfer is centered on convenience.

Finally, because the process is simple, Transfy is the best way to send money to Nigeria. The company's website allows you to send money online. You choose your nation and Nigeria from a drop-down menu and then determine how much to send. Then you fill up some information about the beneficiary and your payment information. Viola! The procedure has finished. 


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