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How to Travel Safely in a Car with Children Across Northern Ireland

When we think of Ireland, pubs and cliffs come to mind – not very kid-friendly. But Northern Ireland we know and love has plenty of things to offer the whole family. It’s not a bad idea to take the kids on a road trip over there.

Traveling with children gives parents a lot of anxiety, particularly if it’s on the road. That’s why it vital that you plan ahead and make sure your vehicle is in tiptop shape. Go for a tune-up or secure your car with something like the best headlight restorer for your peace of mind.

Road Trip Safety

Road Trip

First thing’s first. Is it safe to travel to Northern Ireland with kids? Absolutely. Belfast, which is the capital city of Northern Ireland, has a low crime rate. Plus, there are tons of learning and fun to be had in this culturally rich city. Before you go, here’s a quick checklist to go over:

·       Check if your car is in good working order.

·       Install the proper booster seat for your child.

·       Pack extra blankets, a toolbox, and a first-aid kit.

·       Make sure you’re well-rested before taking the wheel.

·       Have a roadmap of Northern Island handy by bringing your fully-charged phone.

Places to Visit in Northern Ireland with Kids

And now to some kid-friendly locations around Northern Ireland! The entire area is gorgeous in every season, and you won’t run out of things to do with your little ones. Let’s get exploring.

CS Lewis Square

CS Lewis Square car

The beloved author of Narnia, CS Lewis, was born in Belfast. Take your kids to see the magnificent bronze statues of Aslan, Mr. Tumnus, The White Witch, and the Beavers. While your kids are rediscovering their favorite bedtime reading material, you can head over to JACK (Lewis’ nickname) Coffee for some locally sourced drinks and snacks. There’s a skate ramp nearby if your older kids are into that.

Game of Thrones Locations 

A lot of people travel to Northern Ireland just to see The Iron Islands, Melisandre’s Cave, The Vales of Arryn, and Winterfell in real life. Younger kids are probably too young to watch the show, but there are fun tours that they can enjoy. Kids can learn archery and explore castles while mom and dad are geeking out.

Giant’s Causeway

Giant’s Causeway car

A trip to Northern Ireland won’t be complete without going to a UNESCO World Heritage Site,Giant’s Causeway. According to legend, it was made by giants. This would make an exciting back story for the kids while instilling some culture into their young minds.

Conclusion: These are just the standout kid-friendly spots, but there’s no shortage of museums, hiking trails, and restaurants, all with a unique Irish flair. As a treat, you may want to take your kids to Aunt Sandra’s Candy Factory. They also set up shop at St. George’s Market where you can buy artisanal food and local handicrafts. Do you love Northern Ireland as much as we do? Share your experiences below.  

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