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Easy-to-Implement Tips for a Budget-friendly African Safari

Seeing animals in their natural environment doesn’t have to be an overly expensive affair. But, given the vast expanse of terrain that Africa offers to explore, airfare, cost of lodging, safari trip, camping, etc may burn a hole in your pocket if you don’t get a reasonably planned African Safari travel package. Without the control and focus on what you want, safari in Africa could turn out to be quite pricey. So, what should you remember while planning a Safari trip to Africa? Read further and find out.

Don’t Follow Others.


If Lucy and her family went to all the eight African safari destinations, you do not have to follow exactly what Lucy did. When you consult those who have already been to a safari trip, instead of doing what they did, try to find out which places should you leave or what was not too special as a travel experience. What is unmissable will anyway be included in the tour package for an African safari. But sometimes, to increase the total cost of the package, some tour operators add places which do not offer much. In that case, the advice given by those who have already travelled might help you save some money.

Experience The Authentic

Unless you are overly sensitive to changes in the environment, staying in luxury accommodation while you have come to experience wildlife does not make much sense. Being down to earth and experiencing nature in its rawest form is one significant takeaway from nature and wildlife trips. You need modern accommodations that do not affect your budget. For example, Okavangi Delta and Pom Camp in Botswana and similar places in different regions of Africa are those hidden gems which do not carry a hefty price tag and offer the same breath-taking experience, in fact with a touch of distinctiveness.

Travel By Road

eight African safari destinations

Accommodation at different safari destinations anyway constitutes a major portion of your total budget. But, the cost turns exorbitant if you choose to fly from one place to another. Once you have reached Africa, choose travel by road to reach one place from another (of course, only when you have ample time in hands). The best option is to travel in groups, but with a quality tour operator. Traveling in groups does not mean being huddled together in a mini-bus. Accompanying a reputed and a knowledgeable guide in a private vehicle which carries not more than eight people at a time is both ideal and affordable.

Say No To Peak Season Frenzy

African Safari tour and animals

Traveling during December-March, i.e. the off-season is a wise choice if you want to cut back on your budget. Second, since there are fewer crowds so you can enjoy the scenery and wildlife more prominently. So, if you choose the right destinations, you will get the same experience of game-viewing that you get during the peak season.
All set for a pocket-friendly yet mind-boggling safari experience?

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