How to Upload Email Addresses From Excel to Outlook – An Ultimate Guide

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Contacts are very important to our day to day life. That’s the reason there are thousands of users with having questions like how to get email addresses from Excel to Outlook. Because they want to access their contacts from various email clients and applications.

So, if you want to upload email addresses from excel to Outlook then, you have landed in the right place. This is so because in this article we are going to discuss the simplest solution to move email addresses from Excel to Outlook along with a brief introduction to the terms like Excel and vCard. 

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What is Excel File?

Excel is the spreadsheet that contains one or more then one worksheet and that worksheet contains organized data in rows and columns. Excel spreadsheets used to manage all types of data like text data or numerical data. That’s the reason why Excel files are best to save and manage contact information. Excel can creates various files like .csv, .ods, .ots, .fods and many more.

What is vCard File?

vCard/ VCF (aka Virtual Contact File) is a standard file format to save contacts. It is an electronic address card with .vcf extension. A vCard all types of digital information of a user like a Name, Address, Mobile Number, Email Addresses, URLs, Photo, and Audio Clip and other. 

Best Method to Upload Email Addresses from Excel to Outlook

Since there is no simple manual method available of importing email addresses from Excel to Outlook and the method which are available is very time-consuming. Moreover, they require technical expertise to execute the upload excel email list to Outlook operation. Therefore, professionals use an automated way to complete this task and below are the steps for the same.

How Do I Upload Email Addresses from Excel to Outlook?

Step 1. Make Excel File Outlook Compatible

If your Excel file is saved in .csv extension then, you can skip this step. Otherwise, if the Excel file is saved in some other Excel extension like .xls, .xlsx, .ods or other then, keep this thing in mind that you cannot directly move email addresses from Excel to Outlook account. To export Excel email list to Outlook contacts, you have to make Excel file Outlook compatible and this can be done after Excel to vCard conversion. The best method to perform this task is mentioned below:

SysTools Excel to vCard Converter is the most used software by professionals to convert Excel file to vCard to upload email addresses from Excel to Outlook. It is the most powerful and reliable software that can convert all Excel email addresses to vCard file format so that users can easily get email addresses from Excel to Outlook. Following are some best features offered by this software:

  •  Convert all Excel contacts to vCard format
  •  Export Empty Email Addresses from Excel
  •  Compatible with all versions of Windows OS
  •  Provide support to Multiple Language Conversion
  •  Create individual .vcf file for each Excel contact

Follow the steps below to convert Excel email addresses to vCard file format using this software:

1: Download and install the software in your Windows system

2:After installation, launch it and click on the Browse button to select an MS Excel file, then add the file which you want to move email addresses from Excel to Outlook

3: After that, the software will let you preview the whole content of the selected Excel file

4: Now click on the Next button to continue the conversion process

5: Now, to map Excel fields with vCard attributes follow the given steps, like below:

First name–>> First name

Last name–>>Last name

Email–>> Email

After, mapping the field click on Add button and click on Next

6: After this, you will two options:

  •  Allow Empty Email address to be Imported – Check thisoption allow to convert contacts with empty email addresses fields.
  •  Single vCard File for All Contacts – Choosing this option will create a single vCard for all the Excel contacts
  •  Select vCard Version – Choose vCard v2.1/ v3.0/ v4.0

7:After all this, click on Convert button to start the conversion process

8: After, the completion of the conversion process software will display a confirmation screen then click on the Yes button.

9:Navigate to the destination location and access the converted vCard files.

Step 2. Upload Email Addresses from Excel to Outlook

Now, you have vCard files and you can upload Excel email list to Outlook account. Below is how you can do so:

1: Open MS Outlook, and click on the File menu from the navigation panel

2: Click on Open & Export option

3: Select an option Import a vCard file and choose Next button

4: After that, you need to choose the vCard file that you want to import

5: Click on the Next button to complete the importing email addresses from Excel into Outlook task

Note: After importing email addresses from Excel to Outlook, Excel email addresses will automatically sync with Outlook contacts.

So, this is how to upload email addresses from Excel to Outlook. The mentioned steps are super simple and you can also perform this task by yourself.


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