In this beautiful world, there is no doubt many women use the different makeup products to look beautiful.

In this beautiful world, there is no doubt many women use different makeup products to look beautiful. What about cleansing? Are you still thinking about face health and want to try different cleansing products?

Try these new konjac facial sponge. These facial china konjac sponge companies supply the best beauty multi-taskers sponge. These sponge are significant skincare benefits; they provide the facial sponge which can do for your complexion.

What is a facial sponge?

A konjac facial sponge always balances your daily cleansing routine, which is quickly maximizing the benefits of the other products which you are using in everyday routine life. If you want the best results, wet the sponge and soak it for 15–20 minutes and apply it with your favorite cleanser.

Apply this facial sponge in circular motions to exfoliate your skin and remove all the dead skin cells from your skin. This facial sponge removes all the impurities, make-ups and gently scrub the skin, leaving it feeling and looking glow.

Some Tips Before Use a Konjac Sponge

facial sponge SKIN

Firstly take the konjac sponge and soak it in a clear bowl of warm water for 15-20 minutes.

In this way, the sponge will be softer and easy to use.

It doesn’t cause an infection and irritation on your skin.

Wash your face with your hands and warm water after the face wash uses the sponge to clean your face gently.

Use the konjac sponge in small motions, and there is no need to press hard.

Now you can use your favorite facial cleanser with the sponge.

When all your cleansing steps complete wash the konjac sponge with normal water.

Remove the excess water out and hang it to dry.

Don’t place the sponge in a humid environment.

Keep the sponge sterilize soak it into warm water every few days.

These konjac sponge made with the charcoal bamboo which removes the dirt from the skin. In this way, your skin natural pH balance, leaving your face feeling clean and smooth all day.

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