Income You Can Earn As A Freelance Full-Stack Developer

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Wondering what your income will be as a freelance full-stack developer? As a freelance full-stack developer, your income depends on how skilled you are and your experience.

Also, it depends on whether you are full-filling the full-stack job description demand. Thus, when you have the required skill set and are updated with all new technologies, your profession as a freelance full-stack developer is expected to be upwards.

As a freelance full-stack developer, you can earn up to Rs. 3,75, 000 per year. At the same time, if you have experience of 9 years or above, you can earn up to Rs.12 -14 lakhs per annum.

Moreover, freelance Full-stack developers are expected to work 30 – 40 hours per week. However, few developers work for 35-39 hours per week to meet their client's deadlines.


Companies nowadays prefer to hire freelancers for the work to save funds for the organization. A full-stack developer is responsible for both front-end and back-end development.

As a freelance developer, you need to be flexible in your working environment. Also, you need to have numerous abilities like MongoDB, Larva, HTML, CSS, Javascript, React.Js, Node.Js, etc.

Some important skills you should have as a freelance to update your income are:

Should be analytical
Should be curious to learn new things
Should know how to manage their time
Be patient
Have an eye for details
Should be creative
Should know about web storage
Should know about the different characteristics of relational and non-relational data

The demand for freelance full-stack developers is currently very high.  It includes the rise in full-stack developers' salaries.
These numbers above are not set. The salary depends on your skills and experience,  the mastery you have attained over time, and how quickly you grow and make the company grow.


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