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Increasing Restaurant Competition Means Better Uniform Ideas For Your Business

Restaurant business is a competitive business all around the world, where chefs display their artistic cooking skills on the plate for the people. Some restaurants a

While every restaurant setup is different from another, businesses are looking for unique methods to target their customers. While we agree that there are numerous choices to eat, what factors contribute in making the restaurant business successful? 

From customer perspective, how do you decide which restaurant is the one for your and which restaurant is your go-to place? Research studies suggest that friendly staff and vibrant atmosphere are two unique features that appeal to the customers.

Besides these two distinct features, outfitting your staff in quality restaurant uniforms also keep you on the top, and this is exactly what you should do to retain your customers back more frequently. That being said, the restaurant and waitstaff uniforms that your employees wear creates a great impression among your customers.

While there are different uniform options, styles and designs available in the market, the uniform you choose should depend on your target audience and business message. Below are some of the key aspects to help you evaluate the best restaurant uniforms for your business.

Your restaurant uniforms should be according to your theme

We cannot stress this statement enough. There have been many instances where we observed eateries outfitting their staff in wrong set of uniforms. Since there are a multitude of restaurant choices for customers to select from, there are also multiple uniform choices for restaurants.

Before going down the road of buying uniforms for your staff, decide your target audience. Is your restaurant family friendly? Or is it an upscale fine dining restaurant offering delicacies at competitive rates? Irrespective of your restaurant style, your uniforms should appeal to your business theme.

Consider the following examples: Let us assume that you own a fine-dining restaurant at an upscale neighborhood, you may want your staff to wear formal uniforms to create a pleasant dining experience for your customers. Your staff should also have the skills to impress your customers and offer dining services appropriately.

Similarly, if you own a diner restaurant targeting teenagers, youth and young people, your staff should be wearing denim jeans, polo shirts, flat hats to gel in with the audience, etc.

Restaurant branding and uniforms go hand in hand

In the business world, branding and marketing is key to success, but in uniforms it is no different. When you are selecting uniforms for your staff, always think of the branding for your restaurant. Do you have a tagline that your audience enjoys, a logo that people tend to like or any other specific item that connects well with your customers?

Consider the following aspects and merge them together to create uniforms for your staff. Consider adding a tagline or restaurant logo in different areas of the uniform to create maximum visibility. You can add logo or tagline on the front of the shirt, back of the short, and sleeves, etc.

The better the uniforms, the bigger the business image

Your increasing business reputation helps you get large customers and uniforms play an important role to create an in impression that your customers will remember for a long time. Before going down the road of selecting uniforms for your staff, decide what kind of image you plan to project for your business.

Research studies suggest that a business image is defined when the staff are apart from the customers. If your restaurant is in an area where there are other restaurants as well, find out what uniforms do these restaurants offer and what are you missing out.

The color of your uniforms matters a lot

Color holds an important position in selecting the type of uniform you want for your business. For your front-end staff, you can outfit them in light-shaded uniforms. Front-end staff are mainly the first point of communication with the customers, so outfitting them in decent attire would do the trick for your business.

Similarly, if you are planning on outfitting your staff in light-colored uniforms, try complimenting them with a dark-shaded apron so that all of your staff looks decent and presentable when dealing with the customer’s front and back.

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