India Travel Insurance Market forecast, Growth, Size 2027

India’s travel insurance market was worth more than $ 80 million in 2018. This represents a CAGR close to 12%. India’s travel insurance market accounts for less than

India's travel insurance market was worth more than $ 80 million in 2018. This represents a CAGR close to 12%. India's travel insurance market accounts for less than 1% of the global travel insurance industry. Travel has become an integral part of our academic, business, and personal lives. Travel insurance's main goal is to make travel easy for tourists while minimizing the risk. To reduce the risk associated with traveling, it is better to purchase a travel insurance policy. A travel insurance policy covers you against any medical or non-medical contingencies, such as trip cancellation, curtailment, interruption, loss of passport, emergency medical condition, loss, delay, and loss of luggage. Here, we will discuss India Travel Insurance Market Forecast, Growth, and Size in 2027.

This policy covers financial losses that can be incurred while traveling within the country or abroad. It is expected to further boost the growth of the travel insurance market. Travel insurance is also needed to cover the rising incidence of natural disasters and medical emergencies that can occur while on the road. The lack of knowledge about insurance policies could be a significant obstacle to India's growth in the travel insurance market.

The market for travel insurance can be divided into three segments based on the amount of coverage: single trip, multi-trip annual, and long stay. The single-trip travel insurance segment holds a large market share due to increased business travel and rising disposable income. 

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This is driving the demand for safe travel. However, it is now possible for family travelers and independent travelers to travel multiple times a year. This has led to a significant increase in annual multi-trip travel insurance. It will continue to grow through 2024.

TATA AIG is India's largest travel insurance market player. To increase their customer base and expand their geographical reach, the key players are increasing their investment in new insurance policies.

Years were considered for this report:

1. Historical Years 2015-2018

2. Base Year: 2019

3. Estimated Year: 2020

4. Forecast Period: 2021-2025

Study Objective:

1. To forecast and analyze the Indian travel insurance market

2. Forecasting India's travel insurance market is based on type, source, insurance coverage, user, location, and regional distribution.

3. To identify the drivers and challenges in India's travel insurance market.

4. To analyze competitive developments, such as new product launches and expansions, mergers & acquisitions, etc. India's travel insurance market.

5. To analyze and identify the top players in India's travel insurance market.

6. TechSci Research conducted both primary and extensive secondary research on this topic. TechSci Research initially sourced a list of travel insurance providers in the country. 7. TechSci Research then conducted primary research surveys of the companies. The respondents were also asked about their competitors during the interview. TechSci Research can use this method to identify suppliers that were not possible through secondary research. TechSci Research examined the types of products, applications, and presences of all the major travel insurance service providers in the country.

7. TechSci Research used a bottom-up approach to calculate India's travel insurance market size. Data for different end users and their applications across different product types were recorded and then forecasted for the future. TechSci Research obtained these figures from industry professionals and company representatives. The data was then externally validated by analyzing historical data on these product types and their applications to determine market size. TechSci Research also examined secondary sources like company websites, news articles, and investor presentations, as well as financial reports.

Key Target Audience:

1. Travel insurance suppliers.

2. The government bodies, such as policymakers and regulating authorities, are also known as policymakers.

3. Associations of industry.

4. Forums, associations, and organizations that are related to the travel insurance market.

5. Market research and consulting firms.

This study provides valuable information to industry stakeholders, such as partners and product service providers, and end users, and allows them to strategize investments and capitalize on market opportunities.

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