Infinite Courses and Learning Materials For Global Learners Via an App Like Udemy

Imagine using an app to help young Tommy learn algebra with the right course material. And, simultaneously monitor his progress via mock tests. Imagine the same app helping George graduate with flying colors. As a parent, it would be a dream come true, and as an entrepreneur, it would be the most lucrative business opportunity ever.

But how to get started? Well to enter the popular e-learning market, all you need is a stellar application that offers the right learning materials that match with the user’s needs. However, developing an e-learning app like Udemy from scratch is time-consuming and expensive.


Well, you can get in touch with the app development experts from AppDupe. The company equipped with top-of-the-line infrastructure offers the most intelligent solutions to design and develop a robust Udemy clone powered with advanced tech.

What about competition?

With the features below, rest assured, your e-learning app will stand out from the herd:

  • Search & filter

App Like Udemy

The smart feature lets users search for their preferred courses with ease. To further enhance search results, users can activate the in-built filter hassle-free.

  • Multi-language

Cater to global audiences by offering them the language of their choice. Integrate English, Mandarin, Italian, and others into the app.

  • Offline reading

To help reduce dependence on the internet, offer users the option to download courses (when online) and review them offline.

  • Notifications

Notify users on the latest courses, offers, or any other information via push notifications, SMS, and email.

  • Tutor connect

A popular feature, connect users/learners with professional tutors’ across the world. The concerned parties  can directly interact via the in-app calling & video feature.

  • Customer support

For any assistance with regards to profile settings, login, course selection, tutor connect or others, offer a direct connection to your company’s customer support team.

  • And much more

You can customize the app with many other features that best meet your business requirements.

What about revenue?

The app can be integrated with multiple revenue models to help your business earn remarkable income all year long. Check out the popular revenue models that can be embedded in the Udemy clone:

  • Subscription

The reliable revenue model offers users unlimited access to your application services via a monthly or annual subscription fee/amount. Integrated with multi-payment gateways, witness smooth payment processes.

  • Advertisement

The popular revenue model helps you showcase unique ads or brand promotions to users via the app. The strategically placed ad spaces on the app ensure maximum viewership.

  • Commission

For the tutor services, charge special commissions from tutors using your platform to connect with global learners.


The e-learning market is thriving with a high demand across the globe. Being the ideal moment, I’d recommend you enter the market right away. To save on time and costs opt for AppDupe’s smart Udemy clone app development services.

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