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Inverter Air Conditioner May be Your Best Option

Once people decide to purchase an air conditioner, the next thing they need to do is to select the right model. This is where most of them become clueless and get stuck. In the market, they mainly have two types of air conditioners: Window and Split. These are available in different capacities, from 0.75 tons to 3 tons. Nowadays, you also have an option to buy an inverter air conditioner. So what is the best choice – a regular Window, the Split AC, or a Split inverter AC from a reputed brand?

Users Have plenty of Choices

Nowadays, customers can purchase their favourite air conditioner models from retail showrooms or online. However, the number of brands needs to be bigger in the market, and they keep launching new models with attractive schemes. Depending upon your room size and budget, you can select a normal or an inverter air conditioner of 1.5-ton capacity or less. Since the power supply in most Indian cities is far from satisfactory, choosing an inverter air conditioner may be the best. Moreover, such air conditioners ensure faster and more consistent cooling than traditional models.

Important Features of Inverter Air Conditioner

If you ever visit an air conditioner market, you will be surprised by the number of models. They are from different brands and vary widely from each other in terms of capacity and features. How does an inverter air conditioner differ from a normal model? The main difference is in the way the compressor functions in both models.

The compressor runs on a stop-start pattern in an air conditioner to maintain the room temperature. However, the inverter AC runs at variable and slower speeds to maintain a uniform cooling and constant temperature. Hence, it consumes less power than a normal air conditioner. For example, compared to a normal 1.5-ton split air conditioner, a split inverter AC will require less energy.

It’s important to note that an inverter air conditioner will cost more than a normal AC. If you are looking for an AC from a good brand, the minimum price of a 5-star inverter Split air conditioner of 1 ton will be approx. 38,000.00 Rs. However, for the top brand, you must pay around 48000.00 Rs. The cost of an air conditioner also depends on the star rating of the appliance. For example, a 5-star Split air conditioner will cost around Rs 10,000 more than a 3-star Split AC.

Specifications of the top Split Inverter AC

The top-end Split inverter AC usually has a 5-star rating and offers multiple functions with minimum electricity consumption. You get a stabilizer-free operation in a voltage range of 140V ~ 280V. The sleek and compact design has a hidden display that adds to its aesthetics. They also have an auto clean feature, which prevents bacteria or mould breeding and eliminates foul odours.


Some models have additional features like a dual inverter compressor, gold fin condenser, micro dust protection filter, black ocean protection and many more. The dual Inverter Compressor allows it to run at varied speeds. Besides, the dual Rotary Motor has a wider rotational frequency, making the air conditioner highly energy efficient. There is also a higher speed cooling range that ensures faster cooling by the air conditioner.

There is also a Wi-Fi-enabled Split inverter AC that offers seamless hands-free operation. They can be easily operated through voice control using Alexa or Google Assistant. You can also run it in dry mode, allowing it to act as a dehumidifier and making the indoor air moisture-free. The dry Mode function of AC is very useful during the monsoon season when the moisture level is high.

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