Clear Aligners

Invisible Braces & Clear Aligners

Left those days when a mouth full of unattractive wire and bracket braces was the only remedy to straighten up and revitalize the smile. Which makes your face looks ugly. With the advent of invisible braces, it has not only enhanced aesthetics but self-esteem and physical confidence as well with visible alternative over traditional wire/bracket braces. It has turned out to be a smooth and contemporary option where teeth are straightened but are virtually invisible. The results of this treatment have turned out not only optimal but with an equal amount of comfort and discretion.

There are three types of invisible braces which include ceramic brackets which are like regular metal brackets that use tooth-colored brackets instead of metal to straighten up teeth. It is generally non-staining and less noticeable than the metal ones. But Clear-aligners make the treatment invisible as compared to inside braces or lingual braces.

The form of treatment in contemporary orthodontic has offered, Clear aligners have become a significant part of the treatment. It has become advantageous for gaps or crowded teeth, overjet and crooked teeth but may not be suitable for certain misalignment or complex bite problem.

Treatment Stages

Consultation with an Experienced Dentist:

At various dental clinics, the dentists proceed with the detailed assessment in order to make sure that the candidate is suitable enough for Clear Aligners and make the patients well-informed about the alternative options.

Dentist doctor teeth

Archaize Simulation:

The dentists take necessary impressions once you have made your mind and decided to proceed further with the treatment. In order to show the final result on a 3D model, Archwize Simulation is employed in order to make sure that you are happy with the advanced result.


The equipment are set up in consideration with the technology adapted from USA, Germany, and Australia in order to offer the best hand. The aligners are made using a combination of 3D printing and molding as per the highest-standards established.

Proper Monitoring

The dentists will monitor the progress on a regular basis. New impressions will be taken in order to ensure that the goals are met with reality.

At advanced dental clinics, their team is well-versed with the concept of invisible braces and clear aligners. These clinics have pioneered the most cutting-edge technology with the ultimate motive to reveal the most deserving smile. You can really transform your life with the removable invisible braces.

So basically the above information shared is well-researched and provides true information for the general people looking out for their dental solutions. Invisible braces can help you improve your teeth structure and get a perfect smile that you desire. So if you want that nobody sees your braces while you having it then you must go for invisible braces which come under orthodontic treatment. Also, if you were just finding your dental solution over the internet yet then please consult your orthodontic specialist as soon as possible and get treated as it is high time to do justice with you.

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