Enhance Your Creativity By Joining An Interior Designing College

An interior design college offers three main kinds of courses – basic diploma programs, advanced diploma courses and Bachelor of Arts (Honors).

The diploma courses are normally full-time ones that last for around 9 months. The advanced diploma programs too are full-time ones that run for a period of 15 months. The Bachelor of Arts programs are full-time courses that run for a whole year. They are normally awarded after you have completed your advanced diploma in interior designing.

Interior design is also referred to as interior architecture. In this particular course, you would be taught how to design and create an architecture for a wide variety of establishments such as homes, restaurants, offices, and retail outlets to name a few. These courses also help you learn about a wide range of matters related to this particular discipline such as building materials, layout, lighting, and furniture among others. You get to know how essential these are to the overall domain itself as well.

By studying in these interior design courses you get the kind of intensive training that is required in order to become the best possible interior designers. You can become a professional in the truest sense of the word, as they say.

What topics do these courses cover?

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In these courses, you would get to learn all that there is to know about this particular discipline. Some such topics may be mentioned as below:

Interior design, principles and theory
Computer rendering and animation
Architectural drafting
Office design
Computer graphic skills
Construction studies
Cultural studies
Restaurant and hospitality design
Presentation drawing
Interior material and finishes
Industrial attachment
Residential design
Furniture history and application
Freehand drawing
Environmental lighting
Interior color application
Academic research and communication skills
Creativity and concept development
Budget, costing, and documentation
2D (two dimensional) computer-aided drawing
Professional practice
3D (three dimensional) computer-aided drawing or REVIT
Interior design inhabitation
Building technology and construction
Interior design resolution
Retail design

What are the career opportunities with these programs?

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Following are some career options that you have upon graduating from this program:

– Commercial interior designer
– Furniture designer
– Institutional interior designer
– Design consultant
– Residential interior designer
– CAD (computer aided drawing) designer
– Exhibition designer

Why should you study in these courses?

One of the very first reasons, in this case, is the fact that these programs are offered by some of the best educational institutes of the world. These are ones that are known all over the world for the excellence that is a common feature of all their educational programs, let alone interior designing. This means that the quality of education that you receive from them is of the highest order – there is no compromise on that regard as it rightly should be. It also helps that these courses also prepare you properly for a successful career in a wide variety of interior designing roles.

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