Is your medical information safe and secure on the internet?

The majority of people are concerned about cyber security.

The majority of people are concerned about cyber security. Clinics, doctors, hospitals, health centers, and patients all value the confidentiality of their medical and personal information. According to recent RioMed Ltd. surveys, the safety and security of patient files and information is a top priority for everyone. Institutions around the world go to great lengths to ensure the privacy and security of their patient’s records. RioMed Ltd. has been providing medical software worldwide since 1995. To achieve this level of credibility, the company has been internationally certified and has passed international ISO and other cyber-security accreditations.

Our network employs various levels of security, which is constantly monitored by remote technical staff. This is done to ensure that any unauthorized login attempts are detected as soon as possible. We have a privacy policy that can be found on our website. When we develop our products, we put our experience to work for you.

As a result, our clients are protected by ISO standards, cyber-certification, layers of protection against infiltration or unauthorized use or viewing, and constant monitoring for security breaches.

Protecting our proprietary products is critical, as security performance is one of the cornerstones of our industry.

Built-in levels of security in the functionality of each module are built into the technical expertise involved in the development of our products. Some of these applications have hierarchical authorization; for example,

1. Only registered users can access our portals and their health records using their login credentials via the patient portal.

2. Only authorized medical personnel can access and view their patient’s electronic patient records via the doctor’s portal.

3. Access to and retrieval of files or information is password protected.

4. Depending on their user roles defined in the system, only certain healthcare officials have access to specific files.

5. End-to-end encryption is one of the safeguards used when sharing information with other health care clinics or doctors.

6. Because the documents, patient records, and other administrative records are stored in a web-based cloud, they are safe from physical harm such as fire, flooding, vandalism, tampering, and so on.

7. Access to your patient records is not lost if a terminal fails; instead, it is simply transferred to the replacement computer.

Put our digital solution to work for you, and you’ll gain not only safety but also convenience.

If you have any questions about the security of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our website.

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