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Easy to Get Blue-Collar Jobs in Bahrain today for Expats

Many blue-collar jobs in Bahrain today are available for expats, including forklift operators, pump operators, diesel mechanics, and maids.

People from the working class are always on the hunt for blue-collar jobs in Bahrain today. The best thing about a blue-collar job is that its educational requirement is lower than that of a white-collar job. It doesn’t require much experience, and these are categorized under natural to get expatriate Bahrain jobs. Time to know what opportunities you can avail of with some skills. 

Pump operator

As a pump operator, you are going to work with heavy machinery. You need to transfer gases, liquid and powdered material in and out of the vessels and processes. You also have to perform inspection and maintenance on the machinery from time to time. If there are some issues, then you will be responsible for fixing it. Pump operator positions are available in a wide variety of industries. You must have to obtain proper training and license before you attain this job. Education doesn’t matter in this job, yet you must be an expert in dealing with machinery and have all the necessary skills to handle this job with great expertise.


Physiotherapist pain

When it comes to finding the best expatriate Bahrain jobs, then you should look into healthcare clinics. Many doctors need some assistance. You must have a license for working in Bahrain’s healthcare industry as it’s quite sophisticated and demanding. A physiotherapist helps those patients who have lost physical ability due to illness, injury, or aging. Physiotherapists are often named as physical therapists. Your job is to help other patients move comfortably. It’s a demanding job, and you must be physically healthy and fit to take good care of your patients. 

When it comes to the description of physiotherapist jobs in Bahrain today, then you following are the typical duties. Your task is to massage your patient to alleviate his pain level. While a patient is exercising, you will be his aid. Also, you must be well-aware of different treatments to help the physician, such as mobilization/manipulation of joints, ultrasound therapy for muscle spasm, electric stimulation, heat to increase circulation, exercises, and many more.



One of the most commons jobs in Bahrain today is the cashier. Many managers of stores, supermarkets, and shops are looking for a person who can handle cash. As a cashier, your whole job is to take the money, give your customer change and receipt and store the cash in the locker. Although this job seems pretty straightforward, you must be very diligent while working. Your focus should be intact. A person who wants to do this job must be good at money handling because if you lose something and your cash total doesn’t match with cash receipts, you will be in real trouble. The good thing about this job is that you can get part-time opportunities as well. When it comes to educational requirements for cashier Bahrain jobs, you can do it even when you have a high-school degree or a diploma. Your mathematical skills matter the most.

Diesel mechanics

Diesel mechanics

As a diesel mechanic, you will inspect, repair, and maintain every vehicle and machinery running on diesel engines. Your task starts from an inspection of the vehicle; if you find some problems, you troubleshoot it. From checking the part to replacing the batteries, you have tons of tasks to handle. It’s not easy to do blue-collar jobs in Bahrain today. This job gives a person some physical challenge; you will have to work with dirt, oil, and heavy tools.

To get these expatriate Bahrain jobs, a person must have complete knowledge and understanding of the electrical system and diesel engine. You must know how to handle your customers. Manual dexterity is another essential requirement of the job.


Many homeowners are looking for the housemaids. The primary duties of this job vary from one home to another. However, the basic requirement is to keep home clean. For this purpose, you won’t just do dusting and vacuuming but also handle other home chores. Some housemaids must know cooking. Emptying wastebaskets and replacing home linen are also everyday tasks for a maid. You must have excellent cleaning skills to get this job. Also, you have to follow a strict schedule as owners don’t tolerate those maids who don’t stick with a plan.

Forklift Operator

An efficient forklift operator unloads and uploads material. He works in a way to ensure the safety level of a space. If there is any shortage of goods, then he must report it to authorities. He inspects machinery and takes care of its repair and maintenance. If there are any shortages and quality deficiencies found, then he must immediately report to its superior. If anything requires repair and maintenance, then he identifies it. From transporting raw material to creating activity logs, a forklift operator in Bahrain has to work. He must be highly skilled and detail-oriented.

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