Top Reasons Why You Should Work in an Aviation Company

A complete guide about Top Reasons Why You Should Work in an Aviation Company in detail. Read this guide to take informed and wise investment decision.

The air transport industry is flourishing. It is growing at an impressive pace and will continue to do so. The future of aviation happens to be rather a bright one. According to recent estimates, in the next two decades, the demand for air transport is going to increase by an average of 4.3% per annum.

There are many aviation companies in UAE. We all know that the UAE is a hotspot for tourists and travelers along with expats. Therefore, If you are a resident there, you can consider a career in aviation.

Here are the top reasons why aviation jobs lure people towards it. And trust us! These reasons are quite convincing:

So, let’s start:

In-Demand Skills

There is a high demand for new skills for different aviation roles across the sector. Over the past couple of years, the industry has suffered a shortage of skills. Especially in the areas of aircraft maintenance technician, cabin crew, and pilot. Due to the increasing demands for more flights, the industry shall have to recruit and train almost 3 million new recruits.

Chance to Travel the World

There are airlines along with MROs and OEMs functioning all over the world. Therefore, their workers need to travel as well. Moreover, there are contract and permanent jobs that require workers to travel to different countries in a week. Numerous companies also offer travel schemes along with massive discounts on standby flights and free tickets for hundreds of journeys.

Career Growth

There have been continuous changes and improvements in customer service, safety, and environmental sustainability. This means that the sector is continuously evolving and requires a workforce that can keep up with these changes.

Flexible Working

Working in this sector allows you to pick your own working pattern. You can even change the days and hours of your work schedule from one week to the next. Since night shifts are also common, employees are usually available with alternate working weeks in a month so they can travel and visit family. There are abundant contracts and permanent jobs.

Industry Boom

Those who are contemplating the idea to enter the sector should consider the significant opportunities that the industry boom brings along with it. Take China, for instance. The country is building new airports and even expanding runways and terminals, which will lead to thousands of jobs.

No Limit on Career Choice

There is no need to have a university degree to have a successful or rewarding career. Airlines and the aircraft maintenance providers allow you to select from a variety of apprenticeships such as:

  • Aircraft engineering
  • Aeronautical sciences
  • Cyberspace communications
  • Flight systems
  • Health and environment
  • Material sciences
  • Space exploration

Innovation in Industry

The aviation industry happens to be quite ahead compared to others as far as innovation is concerned. Moreover, the industry is investing in new technology that allows both employees and customers with an array of benefits. Some of these technologies are:

Artificial Intelligence comes with automated customer service, facial recognition, and transparent baggage checking so that passengers can have an improved experience.

Virtual Reality has helped passengers significantly by reducing motion sickness in-flight, letting the passengers have a completely immersive flying experience.

Sustainability is a big concern for companies nowadays. We can expect green planes shortly as companies are aiming to reduce fuel consumption and designers that are creating lighter airplane components.

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