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Know Everything About the First Greenfield Smart City of India – Atal Nagar

Atal Nagar is set to emerge as the first Greenfield smart city of India, courtesy the initiatives of the central and state government.

Atal Nagar is set to emerge as the first Greenfield smart city of India, courtesy the initiatives of the central and state government. It all started when the state government undertook the development project of new capital for Chattisgarh based on an integrated smart city model. The idea was to make a city that drives economic growth while enabling quality of life through technology integration and sustainable development.

Selected among the first smart cities in India, Atal Nagar is being developed from scratch. Its Greenfield model is expected to cater to all the upcoming urban challenges. It justifies its greenfield tag through the adoption of a cross-connected green belt.

The three phases of development

The city is being developed in three phases comprising:

  • First, a development of 95 sq. km., and a dedicated green belt.
  • Second, a peripheral region which would cover 130 sq. km.
  • Third, it will see the development of another 12 sq. km., having an international airport for Atal Nagar.

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Features of this integrated smart city model

The first Greenfield smart city will carry the following striking features to implement the integrated smart city model:

  • A 24×7 power distribution system that is based on an underground model and to have 12 indoor sub-stations of 33KVA.
  • A 24×7 water supply system based on the hydro-pneumatic network. It will function on a Public-Private Partnership model.
  • Roads of 4/6 lane with 75.2 km of construction already completed and 61 km of the network under construction.
  • Themes for smart city model like underground utility corridor, electricity network, optical fiber network, a utility management system, and land records digitization.
  • Sustainable urban transportation under SUTP.
  • 797 acres dedicated for Jungle Safari.
  • 27% of land reserved for nearly 5 lakh plants, making it a green area.

Other features that contribute to this smart city India project include its development as an educational hub, building construction on the concept of Green Building, etc.

Designing of the smart city model for Atal Nagar

Integration of the smart city model is done in five layers that enable an efficient functioning for the same:

atal nagar smart city

  • Sensing layer – It consists of all devices that feed data into the system for control and management. These devices include all sensors, cameras, meters, cards, etc.
  • Communication layer – This layer carries all the data generated and needed by the system for carrying out control and management. It comprises the optic fiber cable network.
  • Application layer – It comprises all intelligent installations that would assist in processing the data or requests and generate insights.
  • Awareness layer – This layer is made up of a Command and Control Center and provides situational awareness to its administrators.
  • Service layer – It enables proper delivery of available services with the help of multiple channels like web, mobile, helpdesk, kiosks, etc.

The result of these implementations would be the first Greenfield smart city of India with integrated and sustainability factors working simultaneously. It would, thus, drive economic growth, provide a dedicated urban living while successfully promoting the Smart City Mission.

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