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7 Kurti Fabrics That Are Best To Wear During The Summer Season

Summer is one of the most difficult time when it comes to choosing the right cloth fabric. Kurtis are our most favorite attire to wear during the summertime. It is because they are light, comfortable and is available to wear for different events. You can wear designer Kurtis for traditional family functions whereas the simple ones can be worn to offices, colleges, and regular outings. 

Now that we are comfortable wearing Kurtis in the summer, let us now find out which fabric to choose. While opting for the right fabric, we have kept a few things in mind:

  • It should be breezy
  • It should not show all the sweat patches
  • It should be comfortable enough to be worn throughout the day

Whether you are a sweaty person or not, summers can be a tough time. Wearing leather might seem cool, but when sweat would run through your body, it is the most uncomfortable feeling ever. Thus, in this article, we will discuss the most comfortable Fabrics to wear during the summer.

  1. Cotton
  2. Linen
  3. Chambray
  4. Fabrics that you should not wear
  5. Polyester
  6. Rayon
  7. Denim

1# Cotton

Cotton are famous and for a good reason. This is a breathable fabric that is light on the skin and is the most comfortable thing to wear. You will get cotton Kurtis in different shapes, designs, and colors. Go for the lighter colors in the morning and at night, opt for the darker ones. The design and prints would not make this attire monotonous for you throughout the season.

2# Linen

This is a very loosely woven fabric that allows heat to escape from the body quite easily. This means it would soak up moisture and will also get dried up easily. Being quite malleable, it will not get stuck to your body. But the only downside of this fabric is that it gets wrinkled easily.

3# Chambray

This one is a plain weave fabric that is woven with colored yarn and is similar compared to that of denim. This is a lightweight fabric and is very breathable. Opting for a darker color, the sweat will get absorbed easily. Wearing Chambray Kurtis, your sweat days during the summers will get over.

4# Fabrics that you should not wear

While above-listed fabrics are the best things to wear during the summers, you should also know about the fabrics that you must not wear in the season.

5# Polyester

Polyester being a bad absorber of moisture is not a good option to wear during the summers. This means that your sweat will not get absorbed easily wearing this. Hence it will be a great decision for you to swap polyester with cotton.

6# Rayon

This is basically a man-made fabric that is blended from cotton and other natural fibers. While this one prevents getting stuck to the body, remember that it is made up of synthetic fiber and hence might repel absorbing water.

7# Denim

Fabrics that you should not wear Denim Kurtis is popular and a very stylish choice indeed but this is not something that you should wear regularly. They are quite heavyweight fabric and can m

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