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Lakefront Property in Maine – Things to Consider Before Buying a Home on Water

Many people dream about buying a lakefront property Maine which overlooks the lake or even an ocean as this will give a stunning view of the lake or ocean.

Many people dream about buying a lakefront property Maine which overlooks the lake or even an ocean as this will give a stunning view of the lake or ocean. They also dream about spending their long summers by swimming, surfing, fishing, or just relaxing on the shore and all of these can be done from small distance from their home. If people want to buy lake houses for sale in Maine, they should consider the following factors before finalizing on the property:
Flood insurance: You must check whether your lakefront homes for sale in Maine is situated in flood prone area. If yes, then you must go for flood insurance to be done through the federal government’s National Flood Insurance Program.  You will have to spend $700 per annum for this scheme. Though you may not like it, but a single flood will cause you major damage worth tens of thousands of dollars.

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• What can you build? When you buy a lakefront property, you might go for some additions to your property like building a pier, boathouse, or dock along the shore line. You must be aware of the municipality’s rules and regulations which need to be adhered to. Of course, you will need a permit needs to be obtained. Though in some places you will have to follow the local municipality, but you might also have to follow the rules laid down by the county, state, etc.
• Maintaining a bulkhead: Most of the Lakefront Properties of Maine comes with a bulkhead which is nothing but a barrier wall which is made out of rock and stones which separates the property from the water. Depending on the community, this bulkhead will be taken care through heavy regulations. In some areas, the homeowners themselves will have to maintain the bulkheads. Hence, repairs and maintenance of this bulkhead will be your additional cost.
• Improvements to your property: You might want to convert your ranch home into a two storied so that you can have the expansive view of the water. Before buying the lake houses for sale in Maine ensure that you can make additions. You should be aware of the concerned rules governing the area where you want to buy the property.

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• How to utilize the water? You should know prior to buying the lakefront homes for sale in Maine whether you can go swimming or boating or skiing. If you can’t do all these things, then there is no point in buying the property.
• Homeowner’s association:  Most of the lakefront homes are part of the Homeowner’s Association. So you should be aware of your property also whether they fall under this category. If yes, you should decide whether you can follow their rules related to your property. If you cannot, then it is ideal not to go for that property.
Thus, you should exercise care before buying a property on the lakefront. The above said tips will be useful for you if you are planning to buy lakefront property.

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