Learn How To Check Credit Score From Buddy Score For Free!

People of India can leverage technology and data to obtain the best credit health. Maximize fund utilization and live a peaceful life without any financial burden with the help of credit scores online. It is a seamless and hassles-free process. That helps in flagging bad credit habits and diluting credit problems.

Are You Curious About Credit Reports And Scores?

For easy comprehension, the essential information about these concepts is here.

What Is Credit Score?

Credit scores are often represented numerically between 300 and 850. After examining and confirming the applicant’s business records and data on their income, debts, number of accounts, etc., it calculates their credit value.

Please be aware that Buddy Score currently offers Experian credit ratings. The Experian bureau produces ratings known as Experian scores. Produces a credit rating after examining a person’s financial background. Also, serves the precise purpose of assessing their value.

Reports –

Credit bureaus create reports while suppressing all details about past and present actions, including loan payments and credit account balances. Describe the elements of reports:

Personal information

  • Name of the applicant and any names you’ve already used in association with a account

  • Current and former addresses

  • Birth date

  • Social Security number

  • Phone numbers


  • Existing, past-due, and types of accounts for (mortgage, installment, revolving, etc.)

  • The amount or limit

  • Account balance

  • Account payment history

  • Open and close account date

  • name

How to check score for free? Know more about this topic below.

Free Score (Buddy Score) Availability Guide: 

  1. Download the Buddy Loan Application first, then check your ratings on their official website. Check your Buddy Score for free here.

  2. Enter the following details: (Provide all the information per Bank records.)

  • First name and last name

  • Email ID

  • PAN card

  • Date Of Birth of the borrower

  • Gender

  • Residential PIN code

  • Mobile number

      3. Following that, consent to Buddy Loan as a representative’s conditions for receiving Experian reports.

      4. Then click on “Check Free Score.”

      5. At the end, get the report and scores in 2 to 5 minutes immediately

Now, you now know the most fundamental and straightforward method for receiving scores instantaneously. To determine our creditworthiness and apply for personal loans or any other type of credit in India, most of us may rapidly receive credit score checks from this site.

People with poor scores may continuously improve by monitoring reports, maintaining excellent financial habits, and modifying their accounts.

People who have high ratings can negotiate for low-interest personal loans and other types of that come with seasonal offers on low EMI’s from NBFC’s. Thus, check your cedit score twice or thrice every year to keep a track on results and make the necessary changes to obtain an incline in scores.

The Bottom Line:

To conclude, here in this blog, individuals will come to terms with understanding how to check score for free. Buddy Score is most beneficial to avail of personal loans in India and provides accurate scores. It also helps people understand if they can avail of beneficial offers and other profitable deals

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