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Know Your Credit Score? Here is How to Find Out

If you don’t know what your credit score is and need to do a credit score check, it is easy to do it online? But first there are few things you need to know

A credit score shows the capability and trustworthy of person paying is borrowed amount. It is the representation of their creditworthiness. A credit score is a 3 digit number that falls in the scope of 300-900 max. You should try consistently to move in the direction of arriving at a credit score that is near to 900. A higher credit score offers you a few advantages of getting loans or a credit card. Having a low credit score proposes you have not been a responsible borrower and have not paid your borrowed amount on time. Credit scores are determined by the credit bureau in the nation by considering factors like the length of your credit history, repayment records, number of loan enquires. 

At the point when you apply for a credit card or loans, moneylenders like banks and nonbanking organizations check your credit score to see whether you can reimburse the amount. If you have a higher credit score, you are qualified to get special rate of interest on loan. In addition, a high credit score gives your opportunity to negotiate for better rate of interest.

How much time does it take a credit score to improve? 

After you have recognized you have a low credit score, you can move toward the bank to take care of off your past obligations. The foremost thing you have to do is to get your pending dues from the moneylender and pay them back. Once dues are clear, get a ‘No Due Certificate’ which confirms that you have cleared all the dues. You can also look for the assistance of a credit improvement services offered by different organizations who work together with the moneylenders for your sake to clear the past loans or credit card issues. 

In 30 to 45 days from making the dues clear, the moneylender will report your payment to the credit departments who track your credit activities. After getting the report ,bureaus will update the payment details. You have now effectively prevented your credit score from dropping further. 

Once the past dues are cleared you should have one credits active. It could be a credit card, personal or home loans. As you make payments on any of the credits, your credit score continues taking off and arrive at a place of good credit score. 

Point to keep in mind while clearing past dues

  • No Due Certificate: After paying your obligations in full to the bank, get a ‘No Due Certificate’. This is the verification and proof that you have shut the past dues totally. 
  • IncorrectClosure of Credit Card: Some moneylenders may offer you discount on dues of your credit card. Attracted by the offer, you may go with general settle for 80% or 90% of the sum to be paid, however it will not reflect as account closure in report and you still remain with bad credit score, so make complete payments of due.
  • Removing negative issues off your credit report doesn’t mean it will improve your credit score, it can just stop a further drop. You should have loans or credit card active to get an improved credit score over a period. 
  • Becoming credit sound doesn’t occur in a day. You should understand as there is a sure strategy followed over all banks and credit agencies. 
  • Get your credit report and search for any errors on it. By filling dispute to lender and credit bureau you can get error removed.

The most effective method to monitor Your Credit Score 

Human errors may happen when bank reports your credit activities to the credit bureau who update your credit score. It is important that you monitor your credit score. Following are the ways to monitor your credit score. 

Free Alerts: There are money related organizations that give free credit score consistently. By subscribingin to their SMS and Email facility, you can get notices of any changes on credit score. It helps in checking your credit score as a matter of course. 

Credit Report from Credit Bureaus: RBI has ordered that each credit department must issue base level credit report for nothing once every year to the client’s dependent on demand. You can send a request to the credit agencies for your credit report and search for the ongoing updates and errors. 

Credit Monitoring Services: There are organizations who offer credit checking for free or for a little expense. You can get a specialist level investigation on your credit wellbeing which can assist you with future financial planning 


1. Who calculates my credit score? 

Your credit score is determined by the credit bureau (CIBIL) dependent on your credit activities that are reported by your Banks . 

2. What is decent credit score? 

Any score of 750 or more is viewed as a decent credit score that is qualified for a wide range of loans and credit cards. With this credit score, one can get low processing fee and roi. 

3. Where would I be able to check my credit score? 

You can check your credit score with the credit departments in particular Equifax, ExperianTM, CIBILTM, CRIF Highmark TM. Third party organizations likewise gives you credit score to free. You can check by visiting their official site. 

4. Would I be able to get loans with the credit score of 650? 

Yes, you can! In any case, your rate of interest will be at higher side also loan amount given will be lesser then original eligibility. 

5. How frequently is my credit score updated? 

There is no fix time in updating your credit score. An update may happen when there is a hard enquiry, late installment, default, settled or discounted account. There may not be any update if no credit action happens. 

6. Does checking my credit score much will affect my score? 

No, you can check your credit score any number of times, and it doesn’t hurt it. 

7. How might I get a decent credit score? 

To get a decent credit score, you have to do the accompanying: 

  • Make your repayments on time
  • Keep your credit uses low (credit card limit, OD or CC limit)
  • Diversify your credit 
  • Check your credit score much of the time 
  • Use a credit card to have lengthy credit history

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