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8 Simple and easy tips to look Stylish in Formal Office Wear Sarees

Many women wear sarees in the office. You cannot wear a heavily embroidered saree or bright sarees at the office. You may feel awkward while wearing embroidered

Many women wear sarees in the office. You cannot wear a heavily embroidered saree or bright sarees at the office. You may feel awkward while wearing embroidered sarees at work. So how can you choose the perfect saree for office? Along with the perfect saree you have to look stylish too. So here are some tips that will help you to choose a perfect saree for office and help you to get some tips regarding how to look stylish in these sarees. 

  1. Choose the Perfect Fabric
  2. Opt for cool Color
  3. Pick proper Designs
  4. Pair the correct Blouse
  5. Prefer for a Light Makeup
  6. Wear Limited Accessories
  7. Make Simple Hairstyles
  8. Footwear also Matters

#1 Choose the Perfect Fabric

The most important characteristic of a saree is its fabric. The fabric that you choose should be light in weight and soft. It will give you a simple and elegant look. Prefer for fabrics like cotton, chiffon, georgette or satin. These fabrics will make you feel cool and comfortable and it will be easy to carry them. The most popular one is cotton, as it is a soft and breathable fabric it is the best option for office wear.

#2 Opt for cool Color

Do not wear very bright and vibrant colors. Opt for a cool and light, pastel or earthy colors. Your outfit reflects your personality and impression at your workplace. So you have to present yourself accordingly in front of others. Light yellow, pastel greens, off-whites and greys are some of the colours that can be worn at office. Also keep in mind to drape the saree in a simple and elegant way, pleated pallus can match perfectly with your office look.

#3 Pick proper Designs

You can choose a plain saree, doubled colored saree or a printed saree. Pick simple and elegant patterns for office wear. You can go for geometrical designs, lining patterns, checks patterns and other prints. Printed broad borders will be a good choice. Floral and leaf patterns, animal prints, and damasks are also worn by women for office wear. Simple designs make you look more professional towards your field and work as compared to all other patterns, so choose an elegant and simple one. 

#4 Pair the correct Blouse

The blouse that you pair with your saree should be simple and properly fitted. Short sleeves or sleeveless blouses can make a good pair. Pair a matching blouse having simple patterns of lines and checks or else you can also pair a plain blouse with your saree. Heavy and embroidered blouses will gather a lot of attention so prefer for a simple one. Avoid wearing a stand collar and high necks. 

#5 Prefer for a Light Makeup

When you are going to the office you should do light makeup as your simplicity will show how you are looking. Just focus on your eyes. Apply kajal and if you wish then you can also apply eyeliner. Avoid dark shades of lipstick. Bindi is optional and it’s up to your choice. You don’t need heavy and high makeup with office wear sarees. As the outfit is simple you should do your makeup also simple that matches with the attire.  

#6 Wear Limited Accessories

You can wear small and light accessories with your saree. Wear small rings that match your outfit. You can wear the artificial rings or gold or silver rings whichever you prefer. You can wear bracelets to signify your hands. If you like to wear something in neck then wear a thin chain do not wear necklaces it will ruin your office look. Pair small and tiny earrings. These accessories will give you an entirely efficient office look. 

#7 Make Simple Hairstyles

Along with simple saree and simple jewellery make simple hairstyles. You can make a bun, or a braid if you have long hair. If you have short hair then you can keep it open or pin it up. Simple hairstyles will match perfectly with your attire and give you a proper official look. 

#8 Footwear also Matters

Many people think that no one notices their footwear, but they don’t know that footwear matters a lot. Whenever you go out the first thing that the person notices is your footwear. For office wear you can pair flat footwear or platform sandals. High heels will not go with your office wear saree. 

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