Mascara Box makeup

How we Make Mascara Box packaging like A Professional for Your Business Development?

In order to create perfect Mascara boxes, you need to keep certain important elements in mind.

Cosmetics aren’t a recent phenomenon. Humans have always tried to make themselves look beautiful. Ancient Egyptians used to put a material called kohl in their eyes. They also used several kinds of oils and ointments to make their skin soft and beautiful. Certain materials are also deployed to protect themselves from severe weather conditions like scorching sun and harsh winds. The Chinese used to paint their nails in different colors. The color of the nails represented their social status. The Japanese along with the Chinese also used rice powder to put on their faces. In India, Henna was also being used. It was extracted from the Henna plant. In the Middle Ages, people also started taking care of their hair by putting different kinds of dyes on them. They also covered their faces in egg whites to make their appearance look paler. Italy and France were the initial centers where cosmetics and fragrances where these items were being created. The French were making using complex processes to make scents. At the start, only natural ingredients were being deployed. But, later on, more complex, chemical substances were also being employed. In the 19th and 20th Centuries, zinc oxide became extremely popular. Previously, a mixture of lead and copper was used. A mixture named Ceruse was made from white lead was discovered to be harmful and blamed for several skin problems and even death sometimes. Since then, the cosmetics industry has always been on the rising trajectory. Nowadays, hundreds of different beauty products are being produced, from facial powders to fragrances to lipsticks. To make these items more appealing, beautiful packaging is also being made. The encasing makes these items even more profitable and luxurious. Beautiful packaging attracts customers which increases profits of the brand. Mascara has become one of the most famous cosmetic item around the world and is used by millions every day. It enhances the beauty of your eyes. It could be called the modern version of Kohl, a material that ancient Egyptians used for their eyes.

Here’s how to design perfect mascara boxes for your business:

1-   The right Size

  • The size of the encasing matters a lot. You have to make sure that the size of the mascara boxes neither too big nor too small. The correct scale and size need to be evaluated after determining certain factors. For instance, the kind of purses women use in a particular area. Nowadays, alongside large purses, smaller ones are also being used. So, the boxes should compliment them.
Mascara Box makeup
  • Secondly, the size should accommodate the product inside. For smaller sized products, boxes should be made that aren’t very big. Similarly, encasings for larger products should be accommodating for the items inside them. Cosmetic packaging manufacturers must always keep this important element in their checklists.

2-   Printing Quality Should be Good:

  • Printing should be of the highest standard possible. The color schemes should be carefully calibrated in order to make the mascara packaging attractive. Fonts that are used must be trendy and should be according to the kind of product that’s being sold. While printing doesn’t use too many fonts. The number of fonts used shouldn’t be greater than two.
Mascara Box makeup
  • Too many colors could also affect how mascara is made. If you use too many colors, it might look overblown. Nowadays, quality graphics are being produced which can definitely amplify the beauty of your packaging if calibrated in a good way. The combination of colors and fonts can create wonderful combination.

3-   Use Quality Materials:

  • For becoming successful mascara packaging suppliers, the quality used for packaging must be very good. Using standard material might cost you some extra bucks but it will also ensure that you become an impactful market player in the long term. Mediocre material will disappoint your consumers and that could affect your brand negatively. Moreover, molding substandard materials according to your desired shapes could be tedious. Printing on them also might not be as attractive.
Mascara Box makeup
  • On the other hand, if the material you use is of good quality, it would definitely reward you. Usually, high-quality Kraft and cardboard is used for mascara packaging boxes. Deploying them makes sure that your customers are satisfied. They protect the mascara from sunlight, heat, and other external, harmful factors.

4-   Use Partitions:
You should also make specific sections in custom mascara boxes. It lets brands put extra items in boxes since extra space is created for it. Buyers love this.

Mascara Box makeup
  • If mascara boxes wholesale are manufactured in this way, the customer base is bound to multiply. Partition is a highly cherished characteristic of mascara containers. Brands could also put mascara inserts in those additional spaces.

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