Medical Loan for Open Heart Surgery using GMoney Health Card

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Heart disease affects our physical health, but more importantly, it has a negative impact on our financial health too. An estimated 32% of deaths occur globally due to heart disease, while in India, almost 27% of deaths are due to CVDs (Cardio Vascular Disease). Being one of the critical operations, the cost of heart surgery is quite substantial, putting financial restraints on most of us. 

Loan for Medical Treatment

The overall treatment and testing of heart disease are pretty expensive and involve a significant sum. Special X-rays are required to show inside the arteries. Moreover, Angiogram tests also bear a high cost. Angioplasty is a standard practice to cure heart disease, which helps restore blood flow through the artery. Again, the price of Angioplasty is high, and the common person has to search for an option for a medical treatment loan. 

Medical Loans in India

Indians are less aware of health cover. Over 80% of Indians are reported not to have a proper health cover. Certain barriers like low awareness, inadequate knowledge, and financial constraints are significant factors when people compromise to get an appropriate health policy. In the absence of a health cover, a large number of heart patients suffer from not getting the proper treatment at the required time. 

Medical loans in India provide a facility to help people get treatment for any type of medical problem, including heart surgery. You can also opt for a medical loan for open heart surgery with the help of GMoney Medical Loans. These loan facilities are simple to avail and require no collateral as a guarantee. With these medical loans, there will be no delays for any type of heart surgery. 

Cost of Open Heart Surgery


The total cost of open heart surgery depends on several factors. The average surgery price in India can be estimated between Rs 1,50,000 to Rs 5,50,000, depending on a particular case. Although the cost of open heart surgery in India is relatively low when compared to other countries, it is still pretty high when we consider the per capita income of the Indian population. 

The cost of heart surgery depends on many factors, including:

  • Quality of the hospital

  • Experience of the surgeon

  • Type of city, as the cost of surgery will be higher in metro cities

  • Type of surgery

  • Diagnosis and the extent of the surgery required

  • Post operation expenses

  • Room category and related medical expenses

  • Quality and the services of nursing staff required

Medical Loan for Open Heart Surgery using GMoney Health Card

A digital health card from GMoney is a noble concept to help you provide a medical loan at the time when you require it most. This card offers a loan to pay your medical expenses and even comes with a pre-approved limit so that you do not have to wait for your medical treatment. You can use this smart card to pay for a wide range of medical expenses, including open heart surgeries. 

GMoney health card allows you to repay the loan amount in easy EMIs and with flexible tenure. That means with the GMoney health card; you can split the cost of hospitalization, diagnostic expenses, and pharmacy bills in smaller amounts and pay according to your affordability. 


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