Mesh Router: Gadget to Increase the Security of Home Network

Many studies have already established the fact that the internet and aggression are correlated.

In general, those people who are spending numerous hours per week on flashing their every small detail online in real life they are craving for validation. Meanwhile, those people who are getting depressed by seeing all these they are also equally vulnerable. The studies have proven that internet addiction is capable to ruin both the health and mind of individuals. It can leave a devastating effect on those individuals who are already battling with depression or any other mental health issues. Often these individuals are most preferred prey for online predators.

Since that issue is directly related to technology therefore the solution to that crisis also lies in much higher technology. That new updated technology is Mesh Router. It is just like an old router with modern and much-upgraded technology. Here a router and modem create the primary phase of the system. In the secondary phase, those modems get connected with many small nodes. Now, these nodes get placed at different parts of the house according to need and create a completely wireless network. Since these nodes can be shifted therefore the possibilities of dead zones at the house are almost none.

Now, the question remains how Mesh Router can increase the security of the home network and why someone should invest in that high tech gadget? The answers are as follows:

Superb Wireless Coverage with Zero Dead Zones: A Mesh Router is a wireless system with superb speed. A basic router from any branded company can cover up to 1800 square feet area. These nodes are wireless therefore at any given time it can be shifted from one place to another place according to need. Hence, it does not have any dead zones.

Safety for All Connected Devices: That kind of Mesh Wi-Fi router provides complete safety to all the connected devices of the house. It works as a firewall for the home network system and stops all the online intruders from entering the home network system.

Data Safety with ESET Technology: This router runs through the state of the art ESET technology. That software prevents all kinds of online threats including spyware, rootkits, worms, and viruses to enter its connected devices. To be precise, high tech gadget always ensures the home network security at the utmost level. Not only that, but the same technology also keeps all the data of devices in an encrypted format.

Advanced App-Based Parental Control Features: That app-based parental control features can monitor online activities of kids and it also updates parents about their child’s online world. Now parents either have the option to block selected sites or they can provide limited internet access to their children or they can do both. It’s extremely empowering for parents.

Highly Affordable: The price of this router starts from $110. Therefore it is highly affordable.

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