Roof Installation

A comprehensive Guide for DIY Metal Roof Installation!

It’s okay if the professional Metal Roof Installation Quote is not suiting your budget. Follow this step by step guide and get a perfect metal roof.

Want to install a metal roof? Well, it’s a mind-blowing plan. A metal roof adds up to the durability of your place and also helps to reduce the energy bills.

But are you well-prepared to handle this complex task? In simple words, before taking a metal roof installation quote in Dallas TX have you checked your budget?   Have you prepared a list of your requirements? What if the professional installation cost will not suit your budget?

Don’t get stressed out if you haven’t thought of all these things. Because this article is a complete guide to install a metal roof yourself. Are you ready for this weekend project? 

Here you go then! 

Required Materials 

Following is the list of materials that you need to buy before starting this project: 

  • Wood roofing screws 
  • Scaffolding or ladder 
  • Staple gun 
  • 1 ¼ inches metal nails 
  • Power metal shears 
  • Drill and drill bits 
  • Roofing felt 
  • Rectangular or square metal panels(steel) 
  • Metal roofing screws 

Metal roofing comes up in a variety of materials including aluminum, steel, and tin. But steel is most favorable due to its durability but it’s relatively expensive.

Installation Process 

This is the step by step guide to install a metal roof without professional assistance!

Step 1: 

First step is to measure the roofing area. To take a precise measurement it’s better to measure it from top of the roof rather than from the bottom. After measuring note down the value on a notepad and add 10% extra to cover up the waste and human error!

Step 2: 

The second step is to choose the installation material properly. You need to buy panels of the perfect shape, size, and style according to the infrastructure of your home. Otherwise, it’s going to look awful that you definitely don’t want! 

Step 3: 

Remove your existing roofing. Make sure to take complete precautions before doing this. Wear hard gloves and use suitable tools. Remove the old roofing appropriately and clean the area well.

Step 4: 

What you want from your roof is the durability and steadfastness. But if you are living in an area with excessive moisture then it will be tough to achieve this goal therefore, it’s better to add a layer of insulation before installing the metal sheets. For this, you can use plastic sheets. 

Step 5: 

Install the eave flashing. After that start installing the metal planks one by one in a sequence. Use wooden roofing nails for eave flashing and metal roofing nails to join the metal sheets.

Repeat the process until you cover the whole area. Keep checking after every line if the planks have been installed evenly or not.

That’s it! Congratulations you have installed a perfect metal roof!

You can use this method to install a metal roof in your home but it’s not convenient for a commercial building. So, it’s better to hire a Commercial Painting Contractor who can provide roofing and painting services to make your place look amazing!

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